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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
2185 3 months ago not included in Jython open fwierzbicki  
2213 3 months ago socket.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_RCVBUF, tcp_window_size) with huge tcp_window_size does not raise an exception open dstromberg zyasoft
2216 3 months ago BigInteger(10L) > 100 returns True open santa4nt  
2258 3 months ago StackOverflowError stacktrace is eaten up by Jython open doublep  
2291 3 months ago Allow to set version-related attributes in sys module open Arfrever  
2299 3 months ago Support macropy open zyasoft  
2320 3 months ago fileno() is -1 on Windows open jeff.allen jeff.allen
2445 3 months ago Eclipse's DelegatingFeatureMap has MRO conflict open tomluk  
2354 3 months ago does not support serialization of code open fmartins  
2373 3 months ago jython 2.7.0 Demo does not work open saltnlight5  
2411 3 months ago microsecond precision not returning from datetime open DanglingPointer  
2427 3 months ago jython --boot cannot load console support on Windows open eaaltonen  
2447 3 months ago Support server-side STARTTLS for SSL open zyasoft  
2406 3 months ago socket.IPV6_V6ONLY is missing from Jython 2.7 open  
2507 3 months ago Run "invokeFunction" in a thread does not inherit the "ScriptContext" open jjdelcerro  
2465 3 months ago no clear way to instantiate independent PythonInterpreters open jason_s  
2466 3 months ago No response for script with invalid string open pradeeppanayal  
2467 3 months ago Some threading's Thread methods return unicode strings open memoselyk  
2513 3 months ago Standard output is mixed up if Python scripts are evaluated in parallel within one single JVM open yocaba  
2510 3 months ago TypeError when monkey-patching time.time with an unbound function open progval  
2525 3 months ago Jython incorrectly buffers file pipe output with Subprocess(command,stdout='/some/file/path') open shadowhawk100  
2121 3 months ago Jython jar on Maven central embeds other third party libraries open tuska  
2503 3 months ago datetime.strptime doesn't handle Unicode strings when using sun.locale.formatasdefault=true open laurio  
2531 3 months ago Support SNI for SSL/TLS server sockets open zyasoft  
2540 3 months ago settrace doesn't notice "with" statements open nedbat  
2595 3 months ago os.path.isdir does not recognize symlinks in z/OS open trickyturtle  
2598 3 months ago Parsing of `from . import something` is incorrect open jenselme  
2346 3 months ago Launcher (bin/jython.exe, bin/jython) is not resilient to bad environment variable settings open adamburke  
2649 3 months ago __repr__ of Java Map having unicode keys crashes with PyString error open psykiatris  
2654 3 months ago Imported modules allow access to submodules open jamesmudd  
2541 3 months ago readline.get_history_item broken open kmac stefan.richthofer
2635 3 months ago AST.lineno ignored by compile open elkniwt  
2641 3 months ago certificate verify failed ( General SSLEngine problem) open Neha  
2643 3 months ago time.clock() returning The Wrong Thing on Linux open zsd  
2621 3 months ago pyang: jython 2.7.0 install error pending airshiplay  
2544 3 months ago Using happybase (depending on thriftpy) in Jython pending sowmya.rani  
2491 3 months ago a security issue in jython open redrain  
2506 3 months ago ensurepip is reporting an error pending docian  
2343 4 months ago PYTHONPATH is overwritten on Windows pending pekka.klarck  
2653 4 months ago Wrong error message when opening a busy file open  
2287 5 months ago multiprocessing module not available open Arfrever  
2403 5 months ago VerifyError when implementing Interface containing default methods (Java 8) pending alexgobbo  
2651 6 months ago Travis Builds failing with *** buffer overflow detected *** open jamesmudd  
2647 6 months ago Py.newDateTime, Py.newTime should initialize timezone python datetime/time objects open tmeagher  
2644 7 months ago Representation of Java maps with String keys differs from Python open jamesmudd  
2632 7 months ago Handle unicode data appropriately in csv module pending jeff.allen jeff.allen
2640 7 months ago Virtualenv gets confused using paths with ~ open stuaxo  
2487 7 months ago PyType.fromClass publication bug on slow systems (travis, circleci) pending darjus jeff.allen
2633 8 months ago Unicode garbled in writing to spreadsheet via openpyxl open jeff.allen  
2631 8 months ago jython 2.7.1 [Errno 107] Socket is not connected open Izzette  
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