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ID Activity Title Status Creator
1915 36 months ago Locale set without call to locale.setlocale() open Arfrever
2278 37 months ago Jython runtime instrumentation open zyasoft
2234 39 months ago PythonInterpreter and parser mis-handle encoding open jeff.allen
1499 41 months ago PostgreSQL datahandler should return Decimals instead of floats for NUMERIC/DECIMAL columns open leosoto
2134 42 months ago Cannot create an instance of ast.Global using constructor that takes names open JonathanFeinberg
1849 42 months ago Importing Java packages from java.ext.dirs is not working open fwierzbicki
2188 42 months ago struct.pack_into / unpack_from don't support bytearray or buffer open behackett
2161 42 months ago sys.executable equal to None in Jython standalone open transistor1
1569882 42 months ago zxJDBC metadata queries incorrect on quoted tablenames open anonymous
1741 42 months ago com.ziclix.python.sql.DataHandler calls wasNull without previously calling get [patch] open swhite
1834 42 months ago cursor.setinputsizes open kensingtoncat
590519 42 months ago updatecount => rowcount open bzimmer
2135 42 months ago with statement should support AutoCloseable objects open zyasoft
1421 42 months ago Support for INTERVAL types (Oracle) open etelstan
1000147 42 months ago Support for BLOBs and CLOBs on Oracle open ak1394
1435 42 months ago traceback doesn't include Java stack trace in user functions open cgroves
1957 43 months ago Windows only CTRL-C no longer works since Jython 2.5.2 open clach04
2002 45 months ago Codecs report consumed length in UTF-16 code units open jeff.allen
2008 45 months ago compile() doesn't pay attention to unicode_literals flag open irmen
1910 46 months ago ArrayIndexOutOfBounds in compiler due to list comprehension open larsga
1955 61 months ago NotImplemented incorrectly handled in Old style classes open Arfrever
1946 61 months ago cPickle.Pickler objects should have memo attribute open Arfrever
1143 61 months ago "import" picks up directories that don't contain an open teratorn
1528 61 months ago Stack traces have incorrect line numbers when viewed inside java open markku_hanninen
1719 61 months ago dev doc for adding builtin modules is not enough. open yyamano
1610 61 months ago Wrong impl of Java attribute lookup open babelmania
1709 61 months ago jsr223 bug when dealing with datetime module open anamitrab
1685 61 months ago PythonTree.getCharStopIndex() does not include the last character for FunctionDef open waves2d
1995 61 months ago Missing log statement in RowIdHandler when getRowid method doesn't exist open luisperlazaro
1983 61 months ago Embedded jython in websphere - objectweb class reader fails open mvera
1427 61 months ago Assignment of astnode value fails open kellrott
2169 12 hours ago buffer/memoryview objects should be valid arguments for Java methods taking byte[] parameters open zyasoft
1682864 yesterday sqlite3 package open dubnerm
2499 yesterday Modules should have implicit conversion to string when concatenated with a string open zyasoft
2497 yesterday NameError: global name 'AdminConfig' is not defined in jython 2.7 open amylin1
2394 2 days ago str has misplaced methods isdecimal and isumeric open jeff.allen
547727 2 days ago Class-path in jar manifest is ignored open anonymous
695383 2 days ago close()-ing sys.stdin/stdout causes Jython to exit open daishiharada
1778514 2 days ago package scanner doesn't look in Class-Path in the MANIFEST pending juha_rantanen
1090 2 days ago Python modules defined with an that are precompiled in a jar do not import. pending colinhevans
1664 6 days ago Jython docs should support internal links/anchors open zyasoft
1710 6 days ago Cannot extend ``_ast.astlist`` open malthe
1743 6 days ago regression in PyReflectedFunction: static Java methods are no longer callable open doublep
1748 6 days ago subprocess and os.system doesnt show output pending ssteiner
1796 6 days ago Jython doesn't support jar dir with colons in it open LukeHoersten
1856 7 days ago Permission denied when writing to files under /sys (sysfs) directory open halfie
2240 7 days ago Classes implementing abstract base class methods should be proxied as such in Java space open zyasoft
2415 1 week ago jython2.5.3-6 in debian unstable is broken. pending lac
2440 1 week ago Implement os.fork() in Jython open teeohhem
2484 1 week ago Codec encodings can exhaust permgen open zziad
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