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1107 122 months ago string literal continuation lines don't work with dos line endings closed luckmor
1097 122 months ago Parser problem on Django backends/ file closed leosoto
1022 122 months ago Class definitions aren't provided a __module__ variable closed pjenvey
1085 122 months ago missing errno module in distribution closed bonk
1042 122 months ago Jython does not intern strings as aggressively as CPython closed fwierzbicki
1091 122 months ago Interactive Interpreter parser doesn't handle docstrings closed pjenvey
1067 122 months ago class / function call behaviour (Jython vs. CPython) closed georgyberdyshev
1047 122 months ago xml.dom.pulldom doesn't work closed leosoto
1020 122 months ago How to create a RuleLink and disable after open once the link... closed Vvalluru
1071 122 months ago strftime uses 2-letter %a and system locale closed ReneLeonhardt
1131 122 months ago repr not 100% CPython compliant closed brosner
1144 122 months ago jython -m option (runpy) needs to allow -mMODULE and passing additional options closed zyasoft
1142 122 months ago nested contextmanager does not catch exception closed ruseel
1136 122 months ago Parsing a module fails if it ends with whitespace but no newline closed yanne
1075 122 months ago os.rmdir deletes file closed jnair
1134 122 months ago Built-in functions should be of type types.BuiltinFunction closed ericjacobs
1114 122 months ago Compiler Error - null pointer closed arianepaola
1149 121 months ago Windows path handling problem: Files\Java\jdk] was unexpected at this time closed jaraco
1111 121 months ago keyword arguments not supported on __import__ closed wesleys
1128 121 months ago java.lang.String should be mapped to PyUnicode, not PyString closed leosoto
1151 121 months ago Compile time error - NullPointerException closed egonw_
1156 121 months ago incompatible with PyFile( istream) closed mdirolf
1157 121 months ago Support pylint closed sreimers
1113 121 months ago Syntax + Compiler Error closed arianepaola
1150 121 months ago Nested generator expressions do not compile closed fwierzbicki
1155 121 months ago inet_ntoa missing from socket closed moyix
1147 121 months ago Inherited nested classes cannot be referenced closed garyh
1158 121 months ago compile() fails to recognize initial AST arg closed certik
1159 121 months ago custum number and float: unsupported operand type(s) for * closed certik
1109 121 months ago inspect.stack() not working as intended closed wesleys
1125 121 months ago not valid JAVA_HOME path closed foripperz
1062 121 months ago Doctest does not work against unicode strings closed fwierzbicki
1115 121 months ago __lt__ in a derived list produces a StackOverflowError closed tmueller
1141 120 months ago Incorrect __import__ calls closed boisgera
1177 120 months ago utf-8 codec isn't? closed jcflack
1173 120 months ago undefined sys.prefix breaks initialization closed boisgera
1175 120 months ago gc.disable() throws "NotImplementedError: can't disable Java GC" closed colinhevans
1174 120 months ago NPE on PythonInterpreter.eval() closed amak
1138 120 months ago __file__ reflects original source location, not the pathname of the $py.class file closed kam
1167 120 months ago in standard library is broken in 2.5beta0 closed marcdownie
1052 120 months ago __int__ returning PyLong = ClassCastException mayhem closed pjenvey
1003 120 months ago struct packing inconsistent with CPython closed davidhuebel
1137 120 months ago ArrayType missing in Jython 2.5a3 closed yanne
1011 120 months ago ant task to create launcher script closed nriley
1148 120 months ago List set slice fix, and CollectionProxy behavior closed MrMeanie
1195 120 months ago Issue with zope.interface closed thijs
1194 120 months ago with_statement: context __exit__ not called for return closed terrence
1196 120 months ago failure of dir() on instances of a class with __getattribute__ closed doublep
1199 120 months ago zipimporter should be smarter about what files it tries to access closed ethan-10gen
1161 120 months ago imp.find_module can't find many modules (was: pylint & logilab ASTNG library) closed sreimers
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