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I am actually much for improving Java integration, but IMO Strings and Enums are quite not the same (and don't even share an is-relation in any direction). Looking at an Enum can also be a Planet etc, have custom properties, even methods.

Note that enumMethod in your test also wouldn't accept a String when called in Java-code.

You suggest to let Jython convert silently a String in the role of an element name into a value of Enum subtype. For me this looks like mixing up something like a lookup (e.g. in a map) with an is-relation. Or stated differently: Too much magic, even for Jython users.

That said, I would like to have a proper way to allow the method call you mention (maybe there already is?)
E.g. something like an explicit (is better than implicit...^^) way to let Jython perform Enum-lookup from Python-code.
Maybe we could have an integration with the official Python module for enums (for Python 3, but also backported to several Python 2 versions).

I will think about it and would also wish to hear more opinions.
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