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> But in production my modules and pyc files will be added to class path.

Once a class file for an oversize-issued module has been successfully created (e.g. ucsmeta$py.class), the pyc files are not required any more; the CPython bytecode gets embedded into the classfile. So you only need to distribute classfiles. Under some circumstances Jython does not write the classfiles to disc. In that case you can enforce classfile creation as follows:

Write a script (e.g. like

import compileall, sys
sys.path.append('dir_containing_oversize_issued_module') # so it's workable with current pyc-file search mechanism

Run it e.g. like this
java -cp .:jython-standalone.jar:your_classpath org.python.util.jython

That said, I agree we need a proper fix for this issue.
I improved the previous attempt in

and successfully tested it as far as I was able to reproduce your scenario. Please test my fork at
again regarding this issue.
Especially the NullPointerException if no pyc-file exists was fixed; now it should print the usual instructions.
It should adjust the filename to a version not containing __pyclasspath__, but the actual path.

Regarding your result with
ImportError: No module named ucsmsdk.ucsmeta

I get output like this if classpath is not properly set. If you continue to see this, please sketch your import hierarchy w.r.t classpath configuration, so I can reproduce.
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