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@Stefan Thanks for merging those.

For me test_dumbdbm, test_mailbox and test_shutil all pass. This time I was running on Linux Mint x64 with test environment:
     [exec] == 2.7.1rc1 (, May 5 2017, 08:02:59) 
     [exec] == [OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (Oracle Corporation)]
     [exec] == platform: java1.8.0_121
     [exec] == encodings: stdin=UTF-8, stdout=UTF-8, FS=None
     [exec] == locale: default=('en_US', 'UTF-8'), actual=(None, None)

I have definitely seen them reliably pass with Oracle Java 8 as well I haven't run java 7 for a while. Some more details would be good I guess.
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