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Date 2017-11-02.23:12:16
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The special-casing hasn't been an obstacle for this issue. I just wondered if it stemmed from not having quite reproduced the CPython pattern. However, that may be a defect in my understanding. But if not finding __req__ determined the approach, it may be worth another look. __eq__ is its own reverse. You can see this at work here:

Also, when I worked recently on PyType I noticed for the first time the ExposeAsSuperclass marker interface. I wondered if that might be a way to have shadow strings that identify as str, without a new built-in type, but that act as you need them to.

On the present issue ... I got passing tests, then discovered that startswith and endswith are more complicated than I'd remembered. Mixed tuples produce some interesting cases (CPython 2.7.14):
>>> import sys; reload(sys).setdefaultencoding('utf-8')
>>> 'caf\xc3\xa9'.endswith(('zz',u'f\xe9'))
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