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I'm sorry.  I do not know how to use the jline method.  import it and
call it in the jython interpreter?

I also noticed the problem does not occur when you type exit().  Only
when you exit the interpreter with a Ctl-D it seems.

I see jline has an IsEchoEnabled() method.  Maybe it needs to check
before instantiating jline and just put it back to what it was, all
the time.

On Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 5:31 PM, Alan Kennedy <> wrote:
> Alan Kennedy <> added the comment:
> So a bit of googling reveals that jline can change your terminal settings, particularly the echo setting, which explains the behaviour you're seeing.
> This jline message seems relevant
> Why doesn't jline enable the echo after exit?
> Particluarly, it looks like calling
> jline.TerminalSupport.restore()
> Might restore your terminal.
> Can you give that a try? If it works, perhaps we'll have to add such a call to jython exit hooks, when jline is in use.
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