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I've played around with this, educating myself on io. I don't think I got any further than you, Kevin and Alan, but I don't understand what the outstanding problem is when you seemed so close.

The original motivation for the change was #1754. The changeset:
introduced a custom Channel implementation intoStreamIO as a way of addressing Issue 1754. But by Alan's report that has been addressed a better way. Alan was wary of simply reversing the whole of that change as it contains some apparently useful unconnected change.

I confirmed that if I remove the custom Channel implementation from StreamIO it seems to fix the issue (and others), in 2.7 at least. Can't we just do that?

test_io_jy then fails, but I question the validity of that test, as it seems to test directly that StreamIO behaves in the way thought to be the solution to the problem, but which in fact has unwelcome side effects. I think Alan's work also provides the relevant test (of the modjy behaviour). It would be nice have this work in 2.7b as I miss InteractiveConsole (#1962) and I think it also fixes #1972. Others want it in 2.5.x, of course.
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