I was developing a script to demonstrate the subprocess call with a shell and without shell. I got the two processes working as they should. If if the parameters are not passed correctly, it will cause the stdin stream to close.

What I also discovered is that, the communicate call simply communicates with your child process, printing the returned information. While the documentation states you can pass in a string, doing so will cause the stream to close.

return p.communicate() <----- fine

return p.communicate(input)  <-------NOT fine. Maybe because it's trying to put something back in the stream.

Anyway, I'm still looking into this and study the communicate() call more closely.

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Thanks. I will look at it some more.\\I have a pretty good debugger in 
IntelliJ, and it pointed to the fact that stdin and PIPE were returning 
a -1, so I followed that road.

I agree. More testing with different parameters .  It is noted that 
2.7.2 actually has a clearer error code: it says IOError: Stream closed.

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tnsping is apparently an Oracle utility http://www.orafaq.com/wiki/Tnsping

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