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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
2592 22 months ago sys.cleanup() in PythonInterpreter close() method closing thread pool _socket.NIO_GROUP in open psterdale  
2581 22 months ago getmro omits classes of the same name open jaraco  
2463 22 months ago document all public methods in PythonInterpeter (especially "cleanup") open jason_s  
2169 22 months ago buffer/memoryview objects should be valid arguments for Java methods taking byte[] parameters open zyasoft  
1682864 22 months ago sqlite3 package open dubnerm  
2566 22 months ago inspect does not recognize code objects from bytecode files open fwyzard  
2547 22 months ago PyException only uses default constructor; doesn't initialize the cause open jason_s stefan.richthofer
2499 22 months ago Modules should have implicit conversion to string when concatenated with a string open zyasoft  
2629 22 months ago Setting in script open eknord  
2341 22 months ago Invalid Unicode string literals cause console to keep outputting "..." open gsnedders  
2657 22 months ago Update Maven Repo with 2.7.1 release open weberw  
2497 22 months ago NameError: global name 'AdminConfig' is not defined in jython 2.7 open amylin1  
2623 22 months ago jython (Linux) does not respect my EOF char open zsd  
2624 22 months ago Deadlock with jython script engine initialization and jython object deserialization open fviale  
2486 22 months ago SSL illegal-state exception in jsonrpc open pradeeppanayal  
2495 22 months ago Tomcat webapp classloader leak when using jython-standalone open  
2449 22 months ago requests library causes memory leak and 100% GC time when handling keep-alive open latifrons  
2367 22 months ago Jython ignores custom __eq__ when hashing dict subclasses open clevy  
2312 22 months ago Test failures related to encoding in a subprocess on Windows open jeff.allen jeff.allen
2418 22 months ago test_chdir subprocess tests fail on Windows open jeff.allen jeff.allen
2394 22 months ago str has misplaced methods isdecimal and isumeric open jeff.allen jeff.allen
508116 22 months ago non/static & overloading => lil\' mess open pedronis  
547727 22 months ago Class-path in jar manifest is ignored open anonymous  
695383 22 months ago close()-ing sys.stdin/stdout causes Jython to exit open daishiharada  
1878866 22 months ago Can't import java class from a mixed directory open niall_kelly fwierzbicki
1447 22 months ago Missing: expat.XML_PARAM_ENTITY_PARSING_ALWAYS open kellrott  
1664 22 months ago Jython docs should support internal links/anchors open zyasoft juneau001
1684 22 months ago PyException wrapper for a Java exception raised directly from Python code doesn't have cause set open doublep  
1710 22 months ago Cannot extend ``_ast.astlist`` open malthe  
1726 22 months ago Interaction problem w/ emacs shells on windows open gma  
1734 22 months ago no integration with java.math.BigDecimal and java.math.BigInteger open doublep  
2250 22 months ago Update standard library in lib-python/2.7 to 2.7.latest open zyasoft  
1796 22 months ago Jython doesn't support jar dir with colons in it open LukeHoersten  
1807 22 months ago Failed to set UTF-8 encoding for output redirected to file. open ssoldatenko  
1830 22 months ago assert and print behave differently in rendering non-ascii text open sqxu  
1856 22 months ago Permission denied when writing to files under /sys (sysfs) directory open halfie  
1925 22 months ago Support loading java.sql.Drivers that aren't on the boot classpath open tcrawley fwierzbicki
2076 22 months ago Bug in jython bash startup script (shows on Mac) open rovf  
2136 22 months ago Invalid option from: jython -W all open pjac  
2142 22 months ago Set Thread classloader when entering Jython context open rec  
2164 22 months ago codecs do not accept memoryview objects for decoding open zyasoft jeff.allen
2240 22 months ago Classes implementing abstract base class methods should be proxied as such in Java space open zyasoft  
2295 22 months ago Importation of modules with str names with non-ASCII characters fails open Arfrever  
2574 22 months ago test_tarfile failed during CI build open jamesmudd  
2317 22 months ago test_urllib2 failure on Windows open jeff.allen  
2340 22 months ago Support isolated surrogate codepoints in unicode with UCS4 encoding open zyasoft  
2352 22 months ago Support C_BUILTIN in _imp.load_module open jeff.allen jeff.allen
2382 22 months ago BigInteger becomes long in Jython 2.7 open kaneg  
2412 22 months ago Jython does not terminate process when used with loadwatch open iMichka  
2422 22 months ago test_classpathimporter fails on Linux open jeff.allen  
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