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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
2340 yesterday Support isolated surrogate codepoints in unicode with UCS4 encoding open zyasoft  
2342 yesterday Raw strings get different exception for lone surrogates open gsnedders  
2341 yesterday Invalid Unicode string literals cause console to keep outputting "..." open gsnedders  
2321 yesterday Need better API and docs for using PySystemState open kevinmcmurtrie  
1720 yesterday Support environment variable flags open pjenvey  
2337 2 days ago StackOverflowError in gc.collect open jmadden stefan.richthofer
2336 2 days ago NullPointerException in gc.collect open jmadden stefan.richthofer
2339 2 days ago JSR223: NullPointerException in Eclipse following wiki instructions open eaaltonen  
2222 2 days ago java.nio.charset.UnsupportedCharsetException open nullquery  
2338 2 days ago startup hook open eaaltonen  
2276 2 days ago Ctrl-Z doesn't exit Jython console on Windows open pekka.klarck  
2143 3 days ago site-packages support in standalone jar open nonameentername zyasoft
1250 3 days ago Trace function is not called with return events when frames are exited due to exceptions open jha  
1906 3 days ago DeprecationWarnings, ImportWarnings and PendingDeprecationWarnings do not work in Jython 2.7 open Arfrever fwierzbicki
2330 3 days ago full-build fails to copy CPython License open kprussing  
1779 3 days ago Java types not recognised in 'isinstance' open babelmania  
2101 3 days ago Diamond-style multiple inheritance fails when using __slots__ on the second branch open cdleonard  
1996 3 days ago Core slots array out of bounds with multiple inheritance open jeff.allen  
1127 3 days ago Jython has problems to dynamically loading classes when installed on the boot classpath open leosoto  
2333 3 days ago ensurepip passwd.pw_passwd unimplemented pending baztian  
1682864 5 days ago sqlite3 package open dubnerm  
1815 5 days ago should mention the other licenses open cxbrooks  
2288 5 days ago 'IllegalArgumentException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot create PyString with non-byte value' and 'NullPointerException: java.lang.NullPointerException' triggered by test suite of Sphinx 1.3 open Arfrever  
2258 5 days ago StackOverflowError stacktrace is eaten up by Jython open doublep  
2293 5 days ago "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot create PyString with non-byte value" triggered after adding unicode element with non-ASCII character to sys.path open Arfrever  
2181 5 days ago __tojava__ does not support cast to user derived class pending brianray  
1965 5 days ago Unable to match long strings with re open thatch  
2305 5 days ago sys.ps1 and sys.ps2 mentioned in dir(sys) in non-interactive mode open Arfrever  
2230 5 days ago Jython evaluation blocks under heavy load with high multi-core systems open wdroste  
2182 5 days ago Jython should support Maven build with pom.xml open hjacobs  
1861 5 days ago Triage FIXME skips/other changes in regrtest specific to Jython open fwierzbicki  
2216 5 days ago BigInteger(10L) > 100 returns True open santa4nt  
2090 5 days ago python type 'long' doesn't work well under JSR 223 pending rjolly jeff.allen
2124 5 days ago xml.dom.minidom.writexml() changes value of TEXT_NODE open kuhstall  
2291 5 days ago Allow to set version-related attributes in sys module open Arfrever  
2035 5 days ago should raise TypeError open cht  
2185 5 days ago not included in Jython open fwierzbicki  
1442 5 days ago No os.W* attributes open pjdm  
2290 5 days ago Setting of attributes of sys module raises internal exceptions in case of some attributes open Arfrever  
2299 5 days ago Support macropy open zyasoft  
2331 5 days ago "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot create PyString with non-byte value" caused by non-ASCII characters in _socket.error.args[1] with unicode type open Arfrever  
2286 5 days ago 'IllegalArgumentException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot create PyString with non-byte value' triggered by test suite of autopep8 1.1.1 open Arfrever  
2319 6 days ago CLASSPATH ignored by new launcher pending zyasoft zyasoft
2311 6 days ago Remove test_bat_jy and add something like test_jython_launcher pending jeff.allen zyasoft
2310 6 days ago test_import failure on Windows open jeff.allen jeff.allen
1726 6 days ago Interaction problem w/ emacs shells on windows open gma  
1723 6 days ago stdout not working; print redirected to stderr? open jasonsmith  
2158 6 days ago Incorrect handling of relative, star imports ("from .module import *") open Arfrever jeff.allen
1423 6 days ago Circular imports cause RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded open Lonebuddha jeff.allen
1879 6 days ago -m command line option broken for scripts inside a jar file open conflatedauto jeff.allen
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