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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
2223 yesterday __file__ not defined when running from ScriptEngine open jythonuser1  
2215 yesterday java.util.List derived classes lack list methods open zyasoft  
2222 3 days ago java.nio.charset.UnsupportedCharsetException open nullquery  
2221 4 days ago is always None open pekka.klarck  
2196 5 days ago Jython 2.7-b3 installer duplicate entry: META-INF/BCKEY.DSA open spider zyasoft
2220 6 days ago Popen.kill does not kill process outside Windows open pekka.klarck  
2090 6 days ago python type 'long' doesn't work well under JSR 223 open rjolly jeff.allen
2219 6 days ago Popen.send_signal raises AttributeError if not used with SIGTERM open pekka.klarck zyasoft
2218 6 days ago Popen.terminate closes pipes open pekka.klarck  
2216 7 days ago BigInteger(10L) > 100 returns True open santa4nt  
2124 1 week ago xml.dom.minidom.writexml() changes value of TEXT_NODE open kuhstall  
2091 1 week ago Update jars open Arfrever zyasoft
2041 1 week ago solrpy: testscript runs in python, but not jython open StefanGeissler  
2211 1 week ago Jython Book: Bug in Listing 9-15 open kanglecjr  
2163 1 week ago Jython throws ExceptionInInitializerError pending kmuehlbr zyasoft
1553 2 weeks ago Encoding problems in - unicode, html open w_hunger  
2076 2 weeks ago Bug in jython bash startup script (shows on Mac) open rovf  
1978 2 weeks ago Jython launcher shell script fails on OS/X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) with 'expr: syntax error' open timgilbert otmarhumbel
2134 2 weeks ago Cannot create an instance of ast.Global using constructor that takes names open JonathanFeinberg  
1440 2 weeks ago Tracing facilities (sys.settrace) not working when event comes from swing open fabioz  
2099 2 weeks ago No way to serialize interpreter state open stepleton  
2195 2 weeks ago The page Jython User Guide is invalid open yecril71pl  
2158 2 weeks ago Incorrect handling of relative, star imports ("from .module import *") open Arfrever  
2035 2 weeks ago should raise TypeError open cht  
2209 2 weeks ago built-in function help() doesn't work and gets stuck open kanglecjr  
1127 2 weeks ago Jython has problems to dynamically loading classes when installed on the boot classpath open leosoto  
1986 2 weeks ago __file__ and hasattr are slow for java packages open Vanuan  
2058 2 weeks ago ClasspathPyImporter doesn't implement PEP 302's get_data open tavianator  
1682864 2 weeks ago sqlite3 package (for python2.5 compatibility) open dubnerm  
1540 2 weeks ago Calling a protected Java method from a Python subclass causes recursion depth RuntimeError open WA  
1591 2 weeks ago no syntax error with a multiline command through InteractiveInterpreter pending richardwoolliscroft  
2104 2 weeks ago Jython can break Java polymorphism open jsaiz  
1631 2 weeks ago java.util.Map derived classes lack dict methods open zyasoft zyasoft
1014 2 weeks ago Patch for inspect.getargspec to work with PyReflectedFunction open crotwell zyasoft
1853 2 weeks ago Complex does not maintain negative for -0.0 open fwierzbicki zyasoft
1849 2 weeks ago Importing Java packages from java.ext.dirs is not working open fwierzbicki fwierzbicki
1956 2 weeks ago cannot import twisted module open thijs  
1499 2 weeks ago PostgreSQL datahandler should return Decimals instead of floats for NUMERIC/DECIMAL columns open leosoto fwierzbicki
1830 2 weeks ago assert and print behave differently to display the message in jython 2.5.1 open sqxu  
2110 2 weeks ago Fix compatibility with jnr-posix 3.0 open Arfrever zyasoft
1722 2 weeks ago Unable to use the codecs module when embedding Jython open hheimbuerger  
1572 2 weeks ago sys-package-mgr should not print import action unless verbose is chosen open ejannett  
2052 2 weeks ago subprocess stdin open berdario  
2077 2 weeks ago marshal doesn't raise error when fed unmarshalable object open irmen zyasoft
2154 2 weeks ago When running multiple engines in different threads, the last registered writer is in use for all script executions. open flegall  
2188 2 weeks ago struct.pack_into / unpack_from don't support bytearray or buffer open behackett  
2157 2 weeks ago socket blocking/nonblocking/timeout issue pending mb_  
2191 2 weeks ago re .compile fails with isolated surrogates pending yecril71pl  
1561 2 weeks ago calling unimplemented method on JyClass(IJava) returns 0, should throw exception open seanj zyasoft
2148 2 weeks ago Remove incomplete ctypes support open zyasoft zyasoft
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