Title: Installer 2.5a1 on MS Windows: Incorrect jar is referred to in bin/jython
Type: behaviour Severity: minor
Components: Installer Versions: 2.5alpha1
Status: closed Resolution: fixed
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Created on 2008-08-01.03:48:06 by akmb, last changed 2008-08-01.18:47:30 by nriley.

msg3383 (view) Author: ak (akmb) Date: 2008-08-01.03:48:05
The installer installed jython.bat and jythonc.bat at the root level of
the jython2.5a1 directory, and they are correct (using
However the installer also created a bin/jython bash script which uses
just "jython.jar". Changing it to jython-complete.jar makes the script
works again in cygwin.
msg3386 (view) Author: Nicholas Riley (nriley) Date: 2008-08-01.18:47:30
Thanks, this was fixed in r4968; the duplicate batch file/launcher script 
stuff will be gone in the next release.
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