Title: allow Jython's representation of a Java class to be updated
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msg4942 (view) Author: Charlie Groves (cgroves) Date: 2009-07-25.21:00:56
For use in jreload like system, we need some way to allow the PyJavaType 
to have its internal representation updated for a new class definition.  
Being able to use with jython 
would be delightful.
msg5302 (view) Author: Anton Bukov (antonbukov) Date: 2009-11-06.11:40:21
I use eclipse and pydev consol for selenium unit tests debugging. I need 
in light way for executing and reloading classes. It looks like 
commander for browser. I write this class for myself. The main goal is 
reload junit classes in consol, but saving static values. I use this 
class as simple jreload operation.
Now it reload “*.class” files only and from single folder.
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