Title: 1.4.10 upgrade instructions should mention Register permission
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Created on 2009-12-01.06:32:21 by loewis, last changed 2009-12-01.06:34:00 by loewis.

msg5333 (view) Author: Martin von Löwis (loewis) Date: 2009-12-01.06:32:20
After upgrading to 1.4.10, new users could not register anymore ("You do
not have permission to register the user class."). It turns out that a
new Register permission was added which has to be granted in,
and tested for in page.html. The upgrade instructions should note that.
msg5334 (view) Author: Martin von Löwis (loewis) Date: 2009-12-01.06:34:00
Oops, wrong tracker.
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