Title: pickle/cPickle of Sets bug
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Created on 2007-02-28.20:46:06 by rabidechidna, last changed 2008-04-06.00:57:41 by pjenvey.

msg1515 (view) Author: D Morley (rabidechidna) Date: 2007-02-28.20:46:06
Pickling and unpickling of sets results in an empty set.
The code:

import pickle, sets
myset = sets.Set([0])
print myset, pickle.loads(pickle.dumps(myset, -1))

prints out:

Set([0]) Set([])

Same for cPickle and for ImmutableSet.
msg1516 (view) Author: Dmitry Jemerov (yole) Date: 2007-08-11.10:33:18
Regular pickle of sets works correctly in the 2.3 branch as of today. Patch to fix cPickle is posted at
msg3119 (view) Author: Philip Jenvey (pjenvey) Date: 2008-04-06.00:57:40
I can't find any record of the patch Dmitry references, but it must have 
already been incorporated because I can't reproduce this with pickle or 
cPickle on both 2.2.1 and trunk. closing out
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