Title: Expensive overhead from TRACE in SRE_STATE
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msg6458 (view) Author: marvin greenberg (public.marvin) Date: 2011-03-28.13:09:41
The TRACE method in has a comment saying "should get hot-spotted out".  Unfortunately, it is called "poorly" in many instances, like, 

 TRACE(0, ptr, "copy " + lo + ":" + hi +  " from " + mark_stack_base);

In this case, before the call, lots of StringBuilder operations occur.  It also seems that in my use-case (with a not particularly long running VM that gets restarted a lot) that hot spot doesn't ever decide to optimize anything.

Profiling my code shows a huge amount of time spent (9s) in SRE_STATE.SRE_CHARSET() with all of that in TRACE(), StringBuilder.append,<init>, and toString().

These TRACE statements should be removed or actually commented out.
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