Title: new builtin funcion :- sorted() - a new builtin sorted() act
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msg1951 (view) Author: keshav upadhyaya (ukeshav) Date: 2007-09-27.11:52:10
New in Python 2.4 
sorted() - a new builtin sorted() acts like an in-place list.sort() but can be used in expressions, as it returns a copy of the sequence, sorted.
msg1952 (view) Author: keshav upadhyaya (ukeshav) Date: 2007-09-28.14:16:46
i will upload the patch soon...
msg1953 (view) Author: Mehendran (mehendran) Date: 2007-10-16.15:23:02
Patch with ID=[ 1814527 ] is attached
msg3128 (view) Author: Philip Jenvey (pjenvey) Date: 2008-04-07.05:52:35
this was applied a while ago, closing out
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