Title: Document an upgrade path for users of PyJavaInstance
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msg6703 (view) Author: Alan Kennedy (amak) Date: 2011-11-05.18:08:52
Under 2.2, a common use case for developers embedding jython was to wrap java objects in PyJavaInstance.

PyJavaInstance was deprecated in jython 2.5, so systems that embedded jython 2.2 and that want to upgrade to to jython 2.5 need an upgrade path.

Here are some examples


Rather than let everyone trip over this one, let's document it. Ideally a document on the wiki describing the issue and illustrating a solution, with code that works under both 2.2 and 2.5.
msg6709 (view) Author: Christopher Brooks (cxbrooks) Date: 2011-11-05.22:30:28
BTW - For Kepler/Ptolemy, I changed calls like:

new PyJavaInstance(attribute)

I have no idea if this is correct, but the Ptolemy tests passed.
Adding something to the Jython Wiki would be great.
msg9370 (view) Author: Jim Baker (zyasoft) Date: 2015-01-09.03:51:47
Anyone can edit the Jython wiki, I will leave this bug open for the time being to remind
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