Title: Not able to run jython scripts using maven
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msg7325 (view) Author: manasa ( Date: 2012-07-17.06:48:58
I'm calling a jython script from my java program. included maven-jython-plugin.jar. but when i try to run 'mvn install' showing error as

Failed to execute goal net.sf.mavenjython:jython-compile-maven-plugin:1.0:jython (pydevLockUnlock) on project NTLauncherTest: extracting org/python/antlr/op/AugLoad.class from jython artifact jar failed: target/jython-plugins-tmp/org/python/antlr/op/AugLoad.class (Too many open files) 

can anyone knows soln for this?
msg7801 (view) Author: Frank Wierzbicki (fwierzbicki) Date: 2013-02-26.18:33:20
Probably you want to look at this:
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