Title: attrgetter supports dotted access as of python 2.6
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Components: Library Versions: 2.7a2
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Created on 2012-11-19.16:34:27 by zzzeek, last changed 2013-02-05.19:45:26 by fwierzbicki.

msg7529 (view) Author: mike bayer (zzzeek) Date: 2012-11-19.16:34:26

class Foo(object):
    class bar(object):
        bat = "hi"

from operator import attrgetter

print attrgetter("bar.bat")(Foo)

this is a pure Python workaround:

    def dottedgetter(attr):
        def g(obj):
            for name in attr.split("."):
                obj = getattr(obj, name)
            return obj
        return g
msg7623 (view) Author: Frank Wierzbicki (fwierzbicki) Date: 2013-02-05.19:45:26
This is fixed in the default branch - I'm not exactly sure when it was fixed :) The upcoming beta1 release will have the fix included.
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