Title: Allow lone surrogates
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msg8011 (view) Author: Serhiy Storchaka (serhiy.storchaka) Date: 2013-05-12.19:52:43
Jython doesn't support lone surrogates even in string literals. This makes it incompatible with part of CPython testsuite and with tests of some third-party projects (i.e. simplejson). Here is a patch which allows Jython work with alone surrogates.
msg8033 (view) Author: Alan Kennedy (amak) Date: 2013-05-28.02:09:16
We have already discussed this in detail in other bug reports

Jython doesn't allow to use unmapped unicode codepoint

Invalid Unicode characters cause compile-time error (CPython divergence)

Unpaired surrogates are a *deserialization* issue. Unpaired 16-bit surrogates that appear in a stream of 16-bit words (e.g. encoded python source) are *invalid*, unless you are decoding according to an encoding which accepts 16 bit values in the range 0xD800-0xDFFF as valid characters, which cpython does (because it uses UCS-2), but which java does not, because it uses UTF-16. Note also that even in UCS-2, these characters have no meaning[1].

Code points U+D800 to U+DFFF

The Unicode standard permanently reserves these code point values for UTF-16 encoding of the lead and trail surrogates, and they will never be assigned a character, so there should be no reason to encode them. The official Unicode standard says that all UTF forms, including UTF-16, cannot encode these code points.

I argue that the statement "The official Unicode standard says that all UTF forms, including UTF-16, cannot encode these code points" also asserts that UTF-16 cannot DECODE these code points, when present in byte-BE/byte-LE/word serializations.

Unless you come up with a very good end-case reason why we should break standard Unicode deserialization, other than passing broken cpython-specific UCS-2 character decoding unit tests, I'm closing this bug as "won't fix".

msg8325 (view) Author: Jim Baker (zyasoft) Date: 2014-05-04.20:08:08
Agreed, this has been discussed before with core Python dev - it's OK to have UTF-16 be an alternative internal encoding for Python.
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