Title: Converting to Jython a Python 3.5 project - coding error
Type: crash Severity: critical
Components: Library Versions: Jython 2.7
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msg10451 (view) Author: Daniel Kaminski de Souza (dani_kase) Date: 2015-11-10.19:49:42
It was asked at Stackoverflow.
There some trolls marked my posting  negative.
It is actually a real engineering problem being faced right now.
Can you guys help me with it?

Best Regards,
msg10452 (view) Author: Daniel Kaminski de Souza (dani_kase) Date: 2015-11-10.19:54:43
The severity was changed to critical because many people are utilizing already the latest Python modules and interpreter. And they might want to add Java functionality to their code. So they would basically have to backport it to Python 2.7 then to Jython 2.7 subsequentely.
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