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msg602 (view) Author: Samuele Pedroni (pedronis) Date: 2002-03-07.20:19:42
Especially the conversions part.
msg603 (view) Author: Samuele Pedroni (pedronis) Date: 2002-03-18.15:31:00
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differences should be updated.

embedding should use initialize, because calling it
always is safer.

interpreter (registry?) needs updating, e.g. -E .

usejava contains factual errors (conversions).

if freezing semantics are cleaned up (a good thing), then
jythonc needs updating.

msg604 (view) Author: Samuele Pedroni (pedronis) Date: 2002-04-20.10:10:29
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msg605 (view) Author: marvin greenberg (marvingreenberg) Date: 2007-06-27.16:08:03
I think this is especially true now, for the 2.2 release.  I would especially find an update on the web site about the differences between jython and cpython useful.   I just ran the full regression test -- it would be nice if the website include that for each release, along with comments about whether things are expected and why (like is missing, but could be implemented, and sunaudiodev is missing, but makes no sense for jython)
msg6751 (view) Author: Frank Wierzbicki (fwierzbicki) Date: 2012-01-03.00:11:48
I think this can safely be closed, we have are docs in reasonable order now :)
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