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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
2574 yesterday test_tarfile failed during CI build open jamesmudd  
2554 yesterday regrtest failures on Windows open stefan.richthofer  
2356 yesterday java.lang.IllegalArgumentException while startup jython on Windows 8.1 with current username is not ASCII characters open liuxy_hes86 jeff.allen
2532 yesterday JVM memory settings are ignored on GNU/Linux by cpython launch script open stuckyb  
2143 2 days ago site-packages support in standalone jar open nonameentername  
2572 2 days ago Network-related tests failing on build bots open jeff.allen  
2573 2 days ago test_weakref intermittent test failure on linux open jamesmudd  
2571 3 days ago Error handling in test_codecencodings_tw fails on Java 8 pending jeff.allen jeff.allen
2517 5 days ago Showers of stack dumps from netty finalization open jeff.allen jeff.allen
2309 6 days ago test_classpathimporter fails on Windows. pending jeff.allen stefan.richthofer
2536 7 days ago test_logging deadlocks during regrtest open stefan.richthofer  
2318 7 days ago test_zipimport_jy failure on Windows pending jeff.allen stefan.richthofer
2568 1 week ago test_threading intermittent failure pending jamesmudd stefan.richthofer
2569 1 week ago jython launcher fails on Windows if JAVA_HOME is set open jamesmudd  
2570 1 week ago Wrong shebang set for OS X installation of Jython open zyasoft  
2564 1 week ago test_socket_jy fails on Linux pending stefan.richthofer darjus
2537 1 week ago test_java_integration hangs during regrtest open stefan.richthofer  
2559 1 week ago test_marshal fails pending jamesmudd  
2567 1 week ago System state lost during JSR-223 initialisation open jeff.allen  
2565 1 week ago test_jy_internal deadlock on Windows open jamesmudd  
2313 1 week ago test_jython_initializer failure on Windows open jeff.allen  
1996 2 weeks ago Core slots array out of bounds with multiple inheritance pending jeff.allen stefan.richthofer
2524 2 weeks ago datetime <-> time conversion incorrect in non UTC times pending tmeagher stefan.richthofer
2566 2 weeks ago inspect does not recognize code objects from bytecode files open fwyzard  
2504 2 weeks ago returns incorrect dates in non-UTC timezones with negative offset (Jython 2.7.0) pending ttakamiy stefan.richthofer
2563 2 weeks ago Windows: ValueError: invalid encoding: None pending stefan.richthofer stefan.richthofer
2555 2 weeks ago CVE-2016-5699 pending jduffy3 stefan.richthofer
2561 2 weeks ago win32_ver raises exception (breaks test_platform on windows) pending stefan.richthofer stefan.richthofer
2557 2 weeks ago ongoing pain with platform detection via and sys.platform pending stefan.richthofer stefan.richthofer
2562 2 weeks ago Windows: OSError: unlink(): an unknown error occurred open stefan.richthofer  
2521 2 weeks ago Windows installation (all) fails on Windows 10 pending wymannmi stefan.richthofer
2558 2 weeks ago Feature request: Automatic string to enum coercion open jamesmudd  
2101 2 weeks ago Diamond-style multiple inheritance fails when using __slots__ on the second branch pending cdleonard stefan.richthofer
2560 3 weeks ago StackOverflowError with multiple inheritance, metaclasses, and __isinstancecheck__ pending refi64 stefan.richthofer
2466 3 weeks ago No response for script with invalid string open pradeeppanayal  
527524 3 weeks ago Cannot compile to use methods exceeding JVM size restrictions open anonymous zyasoft
2545 3 weeks ago help() does not work on Java-implemented modules open stefan.richthofer  
2497 3 weeks ago NameError: global name 'AdminConfig' is not defined in jython 2.7 open amylin1  
2483 3 weeks ago Serialized form incompatibility of PyObject between versions 2.5 & 2.7 open jsaiz  
2552 3 weeks ago installing scandir via pip fails (breaks e.g. installing pathlib2 via pip) pending stefan.richthofer stefan.richthofer
2534 3 weeks ago os.getlogin() returns a wrong user or returns an exception pending pguermo stefan.richthofer
2553 3 weeks ago sys.getwindowsversion not implemented (breaks pathlib on Windows) pending stefan.richthofer stefan.richthofer
2475 1 month ago Backported python 3 pathlib and pathlib2 do not work b/c of meta class issues pending seletz stefan.richthofer
2547 1 month ago PyException only uses default constructor; doesn't initialize the cause open jason_s stefan.richthofer
1777 1 month ago Help getting SymPy working with Jython pending asmeurer stefan.richthofer
2476 1 month ago Functions reflected from Java are missing attributes (used to break functools.wraps()) open seletz  
2546 1 month ago No way to add __doc__ to fields in Java-written module (?) open stefan.richthofer  
2544 1 month ago Using happybase (depending on thriftpy) in Jython open sowmya.rani  
2503 1 month ago datetime.strptime doesn't handle Unicode strings when using sun.locale.formatasdefault=true open laurio  
2285 1 month ago _strptime broken with non-English locales open Arfrever  
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