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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
1447 3 months ago Missing: expat.XML_PARAM_ENTITY_PARSING_ALWAYS open kellrott  
1590 3 months ago Website contains Python 2.6 stdlib reference open nriley  
1609 3 months ago Partial parsing does not work with function decorators pending hongdatang fwierzbicki
1684 3 months ago PyException wrapper for a Java exception raised directly from Python code doesn't have cause set open doublep  
1726 3 months ago Interaction problem w/ emacs shells on windows open gma  
1734 3 months ago no integration with java.math.BigDecimal and java.math.BigInteger open doublep  
2250 3 months ago Update standard library in lib-python/2.7 to 2.7.latest open zyasoft  
1761 3 months ago threading memory leak pending treaves  
1807 3 months ago Failed to set UTF-8 encoding for output redirected to file. open ssoldatenko  
1830 3 months ago assert and print behave differently in rendering non-ascii text open sqxu  
1925 3 months ago Support loading java.sql.Drivers that aren't on the boot classpath open tcrawley fwierzbicki
2076 3 months ago Bug in jython bash startup script (shows on Mac) open rovf  
2136 3 months ago Invalid option from: jython -W all open pjac  
2142 3 months ago Set Thread classloader when entering Jython context open rec  
2164 3 months ago codecs do not accept memoryview objects for decoding open zyasoft jeff.allen
2231 3 months ago __doc__ of PyString objects is always "The most base type" (bug in expose-mechanism?) pending stefan.richthofer  
2295 3 months ago Importation of modules with str names with non-ASCII characters fails open Arfrever  
2317 3 months ago test_urllib2 failure on Windows open jeff.allen  
2340 3 months ago Support isolated surrogate codepoints in unicode with UCS4 encoding open zyasoft  
2424 3 months ago Converting to Jython a Python 3.5 project - coding error pending dani_kase  
2352 3 months ago Support C_BUILTIN in _imp.load_module open jeff.allen jeff.allen
2412 3 months ago Jython does not terminate process when used with loadwatch open iMichka  
2422 3 months ago test_classpathimporter fails on Linux open jeff.allen  
2492 3 months ago NPE for PythonInterpreter after new PyInteger pending flungo  
2494 3 months ago Support for pydoc_data pending jenselme  
2582 3 months ago No >>> prompt with JDK 9, seems to be caused by illegal access open alanb  
2604 3 months ago 2.7.1 is slower than 2.7.0 in some cases open rhwood  
2613 3 months ago 2.7.1 MANIFEST.MF contains unfilled placeholders open jamesmudd  
2625 3 months ago Repeated calls to the socket module crashes during execution open paraita  
2634 3 months ago Cannot access final protected methods open alexgobbo jeff.allen
2636 3 months ago Jython 2.7.1 - Readonly attribute error pending lucabrasi  
1014 3 months ago Patch for inspect.getargspec to work with PyReflectedFunction open crotwell nobody
1127 3 months ago Jython has problems to dynamically loading classes when installed on the boot classpath open leosoto  
1720 3 months ago Support environment variable flags open pjenvey  
1906 3 months ago DeprecationWarnings, ImportWarnings and PendingDeprecationWarnings do not work in Jython 2.7 open Arfrever fwierzbicki
1965 3 months ago Unable to match long strings with re open thatch  
2041 3 months ago solrpy: testscript runs in python, but not jython open StefanGeissler  
2143 3 months ago site-packages support in standalone jar open nonameentername  
2265 3 months ago Support UNIX sockets open sdough zyasoft
2216 3 months ago BigInteger(10L) > 100 returns True open santa4nt  
2291 3 months ago Allow to set version-related attributes in sys module open Arfrever  
2320 3 months ago fileno() is -1 on Windows open jeff.allen jeff.allen
2354 3 months ago does not support serialization of code open fmartins  
2373 3 months ago jython 2.7.0 Demo does not work open saltnlight5  
2411 3 months ago microsecond precision not returning from datetime open DanglingPointer  
2447 3 months ago Support server-side STARTTLS for SSL open zyasoft  
2507 3 months ago Run "invokeFunction" in a thread does not inherit the "ScriptContext" open jjdelcerro  
2510 3 months ago TypeError when monkey-patching time.time with an unbound function open progval  
2121 3 months ago Jython jar on Maven central embeds other third party libraries open tuska  
2503 3 months ago datetime.strptime doesn't handle Unicode strings when using sun.locale.formatasdefault=true open laurio  
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