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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
2373 6 months ago jython 2.7.0 Demo does not work open saltnlight5  
2411 6 months ago microsecond precision not returning from datetime open DanglingPointer  
2447 6 months ago Support server-side STARTTLS for SSL open zyasoft  
2507 6 months ago Run "invokeFunction" in a thread does not inherit the "ScriptContext" open jjdelcerro  
2510 6 months ago TypeError when monkey-patching time.time with an unbound function open progval  
2121 6 months ago Jython jar on Maven central embeds other third party libraries open tuska  
2503 6 months ago datetime.strptime doesn't handle Unicode strings when using sun.locale.formatasdefault=true open laurio  
2531 6 months ago Support SNI for SSL/TLS server sockets open zyasoft  
2649 7 months ago __repr__ of Java Map having unicode keys crashes with PyString error open psykiatris  
2541 7 months ago readline.get_history_item broken open kmac stefan.richthofer
2635 7 months ago AST.lineno ignored by compile open elkniwt  
2643 7 months ago time.clock() returning The Wrong Thing on Linux open zsd  
2647 9 months ago Py.newDateTime, Py.newTime should initialize timezone python datetime/time objects open tmeagher  
2632 10 months ago Handle unicode data appropriately in csv module pending jeff.allen jeff.allen
1376 11 months ago 'name in dir(item)' holds, but 'getattr(item, name)' fails open boisgera  
2591 16 months ago Unable to execute directory or zip file (test_cmd_line_script) open jeff.allen  
2587 16 months ago test failures on Linux due to file permissions on NTFS partition open stefan.richthofer  
2586 16 months ago test_mailbox fails on Linux open stefan.richthofer  
2580 17 months ago __pyclasspath__ can break inspect.getmodule open stefan.richthofer  
2562 19 months ago Windows: OSError: unlink(): an unknown error occurred open stefan.richthofer  
2199 32 months ago [2.5] Memory Leak when create many Interpreters open Adel fwierzbicki
1756 33 months ago Document the use of jarray and array better with respect to zeros function open gmseed  
2408 36 months ago Redo sre port for regular expression support open zyasoft  
1669 41 months ago Interactive interpreter broken on Cygwin xterm open neuroaudio zyasoft
1917 41 months ago No ctypes.c_char open dahlia  
1911 41 months ago "All" installation doesn't generate standalone jar open rberdeen  
1823 41 months ago jython launcher bash script induces terminal malfunction open slestak  
2099 42 months ago No way to serialize interpreter state open stepleton  
1915 42 months ago Locale set without call to locale.setlocale() open Arfrever  
2278 43 months ago Jython runtime instrumentation open zyasoft  
2234 46 months ago PythonInterpreter and parser mis-handle encoding open jeff.allen jeff.allen
1499 47 months ago PostgreSQL datahandler should return Decimals instead of floats for NUMERIC/DECIMAL columns open leosoto fwierzbicki
2134 48 months ago Cannot create an instance of ast.Global using constructor that takes names open JonathanFeinberg  
1849 48 months ago Importing Java packages from java.ext.dirs is not working open fwierzbicki fwierzbicki
2188 48 months ago struct.pack_into / unpack_from don't support bytearray or buffer open behackett  
2161 48 months ago sys.executable equal to None in Jython standalone open transistor1  
1569882 48 months ago zxJDBC metadata queries incorrect on quoted tablenames open anonymous  
1741 48 months ago com.ziclix.python.sql.DataHandler calls wasNull without previously calling get [patch] open swhite  
1834 48 months ago cursor.setinputsizes open kensingtoncat  
590519 48 months ago updatecount => rowcount open bzimmer fwierzbicki
2135 48 months ago with statement should support AutoCloseable objects open zyasoft zyasoft
1421 48 months ago Support for INTERVAL types (Oracle) open etelstan  
1000147 48 months ago Support for BLOBs and CLOBs on Oracle open ak1394 fwierzbicki
1435 48 months ago traceback doesn't include Java stack trace in user functions open cgroves  
1957 49 months ago Windows only CTRL-C no longer works since Jython 2.5.2 open clach04 amak
2002 52 months ago Codecs report consumed length in UTF-16 code units open jeff.allen  
2008 52 months ago compile() doesn't pay attention to unicode_literals flag open irmen  
1910 52 months ago ArrayIndexOutOfBounds in compiler due to list comprehension open larsga fwierzbicki
1955 67 months ago NotImplemented incorrectly handled in Old style classes open Arfrever  
1946 67 months ago cPickle.Pickler objects should have memo attribute open Arfrever  
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