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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
2540 4 months ago settrace doesn't notice "with" statements open nedbat  
2589 5 months ago Two copies of jansi DLL created per invocation of Jython open jeff.allen  
2592 5 months ago sys.cleanup() in PythonInterpreter close() method closing thread pool _socket.NIO_GROUP in open psterdale  
2595 5 months ago os.path.isdir does not recognize symlinks in z/OS open trickyturtle  
2536 5 months ago deadlocks in regrtests due to StackOverflowError in finally block open stefan.richthofer  
2584 6 months ago netty threads not terminated during regrtest open jamesmudd  
2590 6 months ago '' object has no attribute '_register_selector' open BjarkeBB  
2588 6 months ago test_io failure in concurrent access to a buffered file open jeff.allen  
2591 6 months ago Unable to execute directory or zip file (test_cmd_line_script) open jeff.allen  
2587 6 months ago test failures on Linux due to file permissions on NTFS partition open stefan.richthofer  
2586 6 months ago test_mailbox fails on Linux open stefan.richthofer  
2554 6 months ago regrtest failures on Windows open stefan.richthofer  
2580 6 months ago __pyclasspath__ can break inspect.getmodule open stefan.richthofer  
2121 7 months ago Jython jar on Maven central embeds other third party libraries open tuska  
2007 7 months ago from __future__ import print_function doesn't work (at interactive prompt) open irmen  
2575 7 months ago Overloaded int and boolean method incorrectly called open jamesmudd  
2574 7 months ago test_tarfile failed during CI build open jamesmudd  
2532 8 months ago JVM memory settings are ignored on GNU/Linux by cpython launch script open stuckyb  
2143 8 months ago site-packages support in standalone jar open nonameentername  
2572 8 months ago Network-related tests failing on build bots open jeff.allen  
2517 8 months ago Showers of stack dumps from netty finalization open jeff.allen jeff.allen
2569 8 months ago jython launcher fails on Windows if JAVA_HOME is set open jamesmudd  
2567 8 months ago System state lost during JSR-223 initialisation open jeff.allen  
2566 8 months ago inspect does not recognize code objects from bytecode files open fwyzard  
2562 8 months ago Windows: OSError: unlink(): an unknown error occurred open stefan.richthofer  
2558 8 months ago Feature request: Automatic string to enum coercion open jamesmudd  
2466 8 months ago No response for script with invalid string open pradeeppanayal  
2545 8 months ago help() does not work on Java-implemented modules open stefan.richthofer  
2497 8 months ago NameError: global name 'AdminConfig' is not defined in jython 2.7 open amylin1  
2483 8 months ago Serialized form incompatibility of PyObject between versions 2.5 & 2.7 open jsaiz  
2547 9 months ago PyException only uses default constructor; doesn't initialize the cause open jason_s stefan.richthofer
2546 9 months ago No way to add __doc__ to fields in Java-written module (?) open stefan.richthofer  
2544 9 months ago Using happybase (depending on thriftpy) in Jython open sowmya.rani  
2503 9 months ago datetime.strptime doesn't handle Unicode strings when using sun.locale.formatasdefault=true open laurio  
2285 9 months ago _strptime broken with non-English locales open Arfrever  
2541 10 months ago readline.get_history_item broken open kmac stefan.richthofer
1447 10 months ago Missing: expat.XML_PARAM_ENTITY_PARSING_ALWAYS open kellrott  
1337 10 months ago Add abstract PySequence.size() method open pjenvey  
1744 10 months ago jython script total characters limited to 100000 open reljicb amak
2354 11 months ago does not support serialization of code open fmartins  
2531 12 months ago Support SNI for SSL/TLS server sockets open zyasoft  
2526 13 months ago Jython (standalone) fails to initialize certain os modules if the directory does not exist or isn't permissioned properly open teeohhem  
2486 14 months ago SSL illegal-state exception in jsonrpc open pradeeppanayal  
2507 14 months ago Run "invokeFunction" in a thread does not inherit the "ScriptContext" open jjdelcerro  
2512 14 months ago Values in built-in modules's __dict__ are “<reflected field public …>” instead of the actual values open progval  
2519 14 months ago Hangs in test.test_gc_jy under regrtest open jeff.allen stefan.richthofer
2518 14 months ago Multiple failures in test_xml_etree_jy open jeff.allen  
2509 14 months ago Demo/modjy_webapp is not working when deployed to Weblogic 12c [Syntax error] open ram4444 amak
1682864 15 months ago sqlite3 package open dubnerm  
1943 15 months ago missing module fcntl open wbrana  
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