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1906 1 month ago DeprecationWarnings, ImportWarnings and PendingDeprecationWarnings do not work in Jython 2.7 open Arfrever fwierzbicki
1127 1 month ago Jython has problems to dynamically loading classes when installed on the boot classpath open leosoto  
2288 1 month ago 'IllegalArgumentException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot create PyString with non-byte value' and 'NullPointerException: java.lang.NullPointerException' triggered by test suite of Sphinx 1.3 open Arfrever  
1720 1 month ago Support environment variable flags open pjenvey  
1014 1 month ago Patch for inspect.getargspec to work with PyReflectedFunction open crotwell nobody
1846 1 month ago cannot configure socket() for Multicast open hulettbh zyasoft
527524 1 month ago Cannot compile to use methods exceeding JVM size restrictions open anonymous zyasoft
2035 1 month ago should raise TypeError open cht  
1442 1 month ago No os.W* attributes open pjdm  
2185 1 month ago not included in Jython open fwierzbicki  
2291 1 month ago Allow to set version-related attributes in sys module open Arfrever  
2290 1 month ago Setting of attributes of sys module raises internal exceptions in case of some attributes open Arfrever  
2077 1 month ago marshal doesn't raise error when fed unmarshalable object open irmen  
1767 1 month ago Rich comparisons open egg  
2039 1 month ago __future__.unicode_literals doesn't affect eval open gsnedders  
2029 1 month ago The codeop.Compile class does not expose compiler flags as expected open seletz  
2346 1 month ago Launcher (bin/jython.exe, bin/jython) is not resilient to bad environment variable settings open adamburke  
2340 1 month ago Support isolated surrogate codepoints in unicode with UCS4 encoding open zyasoft  
2258 1 month ago StackOverflowError stacktrace is eaten up by Jython open doublep  
2286 1 month ago 'IllegalArgumentException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot create PyString with non-byte value' triggered by test suite of autopep8 1.1.1 open Arfrever  
2299 1 month ago Support macropy open zyasoft  
2213 1 month ago socket.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_RCVBUF, tcp_window_size) with huge tcp_window_size does not raise an exception open dstromberg zyasoft
1856 1 month ago Permission denied when writing to files under /sys (sysfs) directory open halfie  
2354 1 month ago does not support serialization of code open fmartins  
2433 1 month ago zlib decompressobj index error when using negative wbits open lukasa  
1002 1 month ago static java methods on class hidden by object methods open crotwell  
2444 1 month ago Issue on type coercion between bytes/char/string/int (Bytes class) open lsenta  
2440 1 month ago Implement os.fork() in Jython open teeohhem  
2007 2 months ago from __future__ import print_function doesn't work (at interactive prompt) open irmen  
1682864 3 months ago sqlite3 package open dubnerm  
2424 3 months ago Converting to Jython a Python 3.5 project - coding error open dani_kase  
2422 3 months ago test_classpathimporter fauls on Linux open jeff.allen  
1996 3 months ago Core slots array out of bounds with multiple inheritance open jeff.allen  
1861 3 months ago Triage FIXME skips/other changes in regrtest specific to Jython open fwierzbicki  
2055 3 months ago isinstance() and issubclass() fail with abc.ABCMeta open Arfrever  
1250 3 months ago Trace function is not called with return events when frames are exited due to exceptions open jha  
1751 3 months ago sys.settrace does not consider "try", "except" or "break" statements open geoffbache  
1440 3 months ago Tracing facilities (sys.settrace) not working when event comes from swing open fabioz  
2420 3 months ago Regression tests leaking file handles on Linux open jeff.allen  
2343 3 months ago PYTHONPATH is overwritten on Windows open pekka.klarck  
2267 3 months ago socket rcv method lacks optional 2nd parameter, flags open gary.aviv zyasoft
2265 3 months ago Support UNIX sockets open sdough zyasoft
2418 3 months ago test_chdir subprocess tests fail on Windows open jeff.allen  
2411 3 months ago microsecond precision not returning from datetime open DanglingPointer  
2415 3 months ago jython2.5.3-6 in debian unstable is broken. open lac  
2403 4 months ago VerifyError when implementing Interface containing default methods (Java 8) open alexgobbo  
2410 4 months ago Regression in PySystemStateTest (leading slash) open jeff.allen  
2408 4 months ago Redo sre port for regular expression support open zyasoft  
2356 4 months ago java.lang.IllegalArgumentException while startup jython on Windows 8.1 with current username is not ASCII characters open liuxy_hes86 jeff.allen
2394 4 months ago str has misplaced methods isdecimal and isumeric open jeff.allen  
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