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1440 4 months ago Tracing facilities (sys.settrace) not working when event comes from swing open fabioz  
1442 4 months ago No os.W* attributes open pjdm  
2286 4 months ago IllegalArgumentException 'PyString with non-byte value' triggered by test suite of autopep8 1.1.1 open Arfrever jeff.allen
2288 4 months ago Sphinx 1.3 test suite uncovers various compatibility bugs open Arfrever  
2290 4 months ago Setting of attributes of sys module raises internal exceptions in case of some attributes open Arfrever  
2420 4 months ago Regression tests leaking file handles on Linux open jeff.allen  
2429 4 months ago cStringIO does not work with mutable objects implementing the buffer protocol open pekka.klarck zyasoft
2464 4 months ago meta: notification messages from and are marked as spam by Google Gmail open jason_s  
2483 4 months ago Serialized form incompatibility of PyObject between versions 2.5 & 2.7 open jsaiz  
2592 4 months ago sys.cleanup() in PythonInterpreter close() method closing thread pool _socket.NIO_GROUP in open psterdale  
2642 4 months ago ImportError when importing in multiple PyScriptEngine concurrently open tcdelaney  
2458 4 months ago Support Tornado web server open zyasoft  
2581 4 months ago getmro omits classes of the same name open jaraco  
2463 4 months ago document all public methods in PythonInterpeter (especially "cleanup") open jason_s  
2169 4 months ago buffer/memoryview objects should be valid arguments for Java methods taking byte[] parameters open zyasoft  
1682864 5 months ago sqlite3 package open dubnerm  
2566 5 months ago inspect does not recognize code objects from bytecode files open fwyzard  
2630 5 months ago Cannot import java.awt.* on Java 9 open sergei175  
2547 5 months ago PyException only uses default constructor; doesn't initialize the cause open jason_s stefan.richthofer
2499 5 months ago Modules should have implicit conversion to string when concatenated with a string open zyasoft  
2629 5 months ago Setting in script open eknord  
2341 5 months ago Invalid Unicode string literals cause console to keep outputting "..." open gsnedders  
2657 5 months ago Update Maven Repo with 2.7.1 release open weberw  
2497 5 months ago NameError: global name 'AdminConfig' is not defined in jython 2.7 open amylin1  
2330 5 months ago full-build fails to copy CPython License open kprussing  
2623 5 months ago jython (Linux) does not respect my EOF char open zsd  
2624 5 months ago Deadlock with jython script engine initialization and jython object deserialization open fviale  
2486 5 months ago SSL illegal-state exception in jsonrpc open pradeeppanayal  
2495 5 months ago Tomcat webapp classloader leak when using jython-standalone open  
2449 5 months ago requests library causes memory leak and 100% GC time when handling keep-alive open latifrons  
2367 5 months ago Jython ignores custom __eq__ when hashing dict subclasses open clevy  
2312 5 months ago Test failures related to encoding in a subprocess on Windows open jeff.allen jeff.allen
2418 5 months ago test_chdir subprocess tests fail on Windows open jeff.allen jeff.allen
2394 5 months ago str has misplaced methods isdecimal and isumeric open jeff.allen jeff.allen
508116 5 months ago non/static & overloading => lil\' mess open pedronis  
547727 5 months ago Class-path in jar manifest is ignored open anonymous  
695383 5 months ago close()-ing sys.stdin/stdout causes Jython to exit open daishiharada  
1778514 5 months ago package scanner doesn't look in Class-Path in the MANIFEST pending juha_rantanen  
1878866 5 months ago Can't import java class from a mixed directory open niall_kelly fwierzbicki
1447 5 months ago Missing: expat.XML_PARAM_ENTITY_PARSING_ALWAYS open kellrott  
1590 5 months ago Website contains Python 2.6 stdlib reference open nriley  
1609 5 months ago Partial parsing does not work with function decorators pending hongdatang fwierzbicki
1664 5 months ago Jython docs should support internal links/anchors open zyasoft juneau001
1684 5 months ago PyException wrapper for a Java exception raised directly from Python code doesn't have cause set open doublep  
1710 5 months ago Cannot extend ``_ast.astlist`` open malthe  
1726 5 months ago Interaction problem w/ emacs shells on windows open gma  
1734 5 months ago no integration with java.math.BigDecimal and java.math.BigInteger open doublep  
2250 5 months ago Update standard library in lib-python/2.7 to 2.7.latest open zyasoft  
1748 5 months ago subprocess and os.system doesnt show output pending ssteiner  
1761 5 months ago threading memory leak pending treaves  
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