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2238 yesterday unable to run any command using os.system() function on HPUX using jython 2.7b3 open shishir  
2233 3 days ago KeyError for dict.pop() incorrect / inconsistent with CPython pending Arfrever  
2232 4 days ago java.lang.NullPointerException in org.python.compiler.CodeCompiler.visitLambda open Arfrever  
2228 4 days ago [PATCH] Re-use "makeCompiledFilename" function where possible open mbooth  
2230 4 days ago Jython evaluation blocks under heavy load with high multi-core systems open wdroste  
2235 1 week ago jython test_import_jy fails due to class loading issue with java8 open sowmyalakkappa  
2231 1 month ago __doc__ of PyString objects is always "The most base type" (bug in expose-mechanism?) open stefan.richthofer  
1944 1 month ago Opening of /dev/null or /dev/zero with "w" mode fails in non-English locales open Arfrever  
2182 1 month ago Jython should support Maven build with pom.xml open hjacobs  
2226 1 month ago Differences in re unicode 'whitespace' matching open thatch  
2224 1 month ago Attributes attached to PyObjects via weak hash maps break if PyObject is resurrected open stefan.richthofer  
2223 2 months ago __file__ not defined when running from ScriptEngine open jythonuser1  
2222 2 months ago java.nio.charset.UnsupportedCharsetException open nullquery  
2041 2 months ago solrpy: testscript runs in python, but not jython open StefanGeissler  
2211 2 months ago Jython Book: Bug in Listing 9-15 open kanglecjr  
2076 2 months ago Bug in jython bash startup script (shows on Mac) open rovf  
1722 2 months ago Unable to use the codecs module when embedding Jython open hheimbuerger  
1659 2 months ago callproc() always returns "no results" with Sybase ASE 12.5.4 open a_mehlig  
2164 3 months ago codecs do not accept memoryview objects for decoding open zyasoft  
2212 3 months ago Embedded python - import readline throws exception open gerlich  
2210 3 months ago Jython Book: Bug in Listing-9-10 open kanglecjr  
2092 3 months ago Port Jython to JLine 2 open Arfrever  
2202 3 months ago Current thread renamed to MainThread after a module import open sbenner  
2189 4 months ago { install --user; ) is not supported open yecril71pl  
2166 4 months ago datetime.strptime does not support %f on Jython 2.7 open pekka.klarck  
2187 4 months ago Windows doc needs to specify setting the classpath open cmbannan  
2186 4 months ago Installation Doc need to indication using jython.bat on Windows open cmbannan  
2181 4 months ago __tojava__ does not support cast to user derived class open brianray  
2177 5 months ago Temporary files created on jython startup open sarnu  
2081 5 months ago open fails on write-only files open dcoles  
2142 5 months ago Set Thread classloader when entering Jython context open rec  
2171 5 months ago jython returns NotImplemented for int.__pow__(x,y,None) open nneonneo  
1945 6 months ago Opening of /dev/tty with "a" or "w" mode fails open Arfrever  
2025 6 months ago issue1885 re-occuring on Jython 2.5.4 open eeiddne  
1992 6 months ago Printing UTF-8 string from Java to Python using PythonInterpreter broken open kga.official  
1670 6 months ago Implicit Decimal conversion to float fails open mulleteer  
2014 6 months ago os.mkdir() on Windows fails with OSError: [Errno 20047] Unknown error: 20047 open dchrome amak
2165 6 months ago Line too long in in jython.bat launcher open jeff.allen  
2162 6 months ago (date)time.strptime parses invalid strings open pekka.klarck  
1950 7 months ago should return NotImplemented instead of raising TypeError open Arfrever  
1856 7 months ago Permission denied when writing to files under /sys (sysfs) directory open halfie  
1993 7 months ago java_user scheme missing in distutils/command/ open Arfrever  
1422 7 months ago standalone jython doesn't load jars in classpath on solaris open gschenke  
1442 7 months ago No os.W* attributes open pjdm  
2068 7 months ago os.write does not properly support os.O_APPEND open jamesls  
2084 7 months ago RuntimeException when importing subprocess on IBM J9 VM open ben_b  
2080 7 months ago unicode kwargs are received as str type in the function open irmen  
2055 7 months ago isinstance() and issubclass() fail with abc.ABCMeta open Arfrever  
2039 7 months ago __future__.unicode_literals doesn't affect eval open gsnedders  
2105 7 months ago Inconsistent conversion of PyObject to String in StdoutWrapper open richardfearn  
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