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1944 12 hours ago Opening of /dev/null or /dev/zero with "w" mode fails in non-English locales open Arfrever
2225 yesterday Jython+django-jython - no module named site open valtron
2224 2 days ago Attributes attached to PyObjects via weak hash maps break if PyObject is resurrected open stefan.richthofer
2223 1 week ago __file__ not defined when running from ScriptEngine open jythonuser1
2222 1 week ago java.nio.charset.UnsupportedCharsetException open nullquery
2041 3 weeks ago solrpy: testscript runs in python, but not jython open StefanGeissler
2211 3 weeks ago Jython Book: Bug in Listing 9-15 open kanglecjr
2076 3 weeks ago Bug in jython bash startup script (shows on Mac) open rovf
1722 3 weeks ago Unable to use the codecs module when embedding Jython open hheimbuerger
1659 3 weeks ago callproc() always returns "no results" with Sybase ASE 12.5.4 open a_mehlig
2164 1 month ago codecs do not accept memoryview objects for decoding open zyasoft
2212 1 month ago Embedded python - import readline throws exception open gerlich
2210 1 month ago Jython Book: Bug in Listing-9-10 open kanglecjr
2092 1 month ago Port Jython to JLine 2 open Arfrever
2202 1 month ago Current thread renamed to MainThread after a module import open sbenner
2197 1 month ago Out of bounds in unicode.count() with non-BMP point codes open jeff.allen
2182 2 months ago Jython should support Maven build with pom.xml open hjacobs
2189 2 months ago { install --user; ) is not supported open yecril71pl
2166 2 months ago datetime.strptime does not support %f on Jython 2.7 open pekka.klarck
2187 2 months ago Windows doc needs to specify setting the classpath open cmbannan
2186 2 months ago Installation Doc need to indication using jython.bat on Windows open cmbannan
2100 3 months ago Deficiencies in PyUnicode beyond the BMP open jeff.allen
2181 3 months ago __tojava__ does not support cast to user derived class open brianray
2177 3 months ago Temporary files created on jython startup open sarnu
2081 3 months ago open fails on write-only files open dcoles
2142 4 months ago Set Thread classloader when entering Jython context open rec
2171 4 months ago jython returns NotImplemented for int.__pow__(x,y,None) open nneonneo
1945 4 months ago Opening of /dev/tty with "a" or "w" mode fails open Arfrever
2025 4 months ago issue1885 re-occuring on Jython 2.5.4 open eeiddne
1992 4 months ago Printing UTF-8 string from Java to Python using PythonInterpreter broken open kga.official
1670 4 months ago Implicit Decimal conversion to float fails open mulleteer
2014 4 months ago os.mkdir() on Windows fails with OSError: [Errno 20047] Unknown error: 20047 open dchrome
2165 4 months ago Line too long in in jython.bat launcher open jeff.allen
2162 4 months ago (date)time.strptime parses invalid strings open pekka.klarck
1950 5 months ago should return NotImplemented instead of raising TypeError open Arfrever
1856 5 months ago Permission denied when writing to files under /sys (sysfs) directory open halfie
1993 5 months ago java_user scheme missing in distutils/command/ open Arfrever
1422 5 months ago standalone jython doesn't load jars in classpath on solaris open gschenke
1442 5 months ago No os.W* attributes open pjdm
2068 5 months ago os.write does not properly support os.O_APPEND open jamesls
2084 5 months ago RuntimeException when importing subprocess on IBM J9 VM open ben_b
2080 5 months ago unicode kwargs are received as str type in the function open irmen
2055 5 months ago isinstance() and issubclass() fail with abc.ABCMeta open Arfrever
2039 5 months ago __future__.unicode_literals doesn't affect eval open gsnedders
2105 5 months ago Inconsistent conversion of PyObject to String in StdoutWrapper open richardfearn
2136 5 months ago Invalid option from: jython -W all open pjac
1839 6 months ago sys.getfilesystemencoding() is None although java.lang.System.getProperty('file.encoding') seems to work open pekka.klarck
2120 6 months ago os.mkdir fails on UNC network paths open saynt
2106 10 months ago InteractiveInterpreter.runsource doesn't accept 'exec' as symbol parameter open traff
1599 12 months ago jython.bat corrupts command line arguments containing special characters open pekka.klarck
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