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2092 yesterday Port Jython to JLine 2 open Arfrever
2126 yesterday easy_install for jython 2.5 open
2077 yesterday marshal doesn't raise error when fed unmarshalable object open irmen
2124 1 week ago xml.dom.minidom.writexml() changes value of TEXT_NODE open kuhstall
2122 1 week ago jline_.dll caching prevents 32bit and 64bit jython scripts running at same time open filipdef
2123 1 week ago jython 2.7 beta 1 standalone hangs on multi-byte characters on Windows 8 open rpan
2121 1 week ago Jython jar on Maven central embedd other third party libraries open tuska
2120 2 weeks ago os.mkdir fails on UNC network paths open saynt
2119 3 weeks ago Many of the * classes are out of date compared to the templates n src/templates open indra
2118 3 weeks ago struct.Struct exposed as a function instead of a class open dooble
2104 1 month ago Jython can break Java polymorphism open jsaiz
2063 1 month ago test_subprocess_jy fails when Argument has embedded quote open sowmyalakkappa
2116 1 month ago Annotations not preserved when using python.path open hinerm
2114 1 month ago Cookie.load exception with unicode strings open aksian
2088 2 months ago cannot override defaultdict.__missing__ open bgr
2113 2 months ago Update/fix Intellij IDEA project files open santa4nt
2040 3 months ago Uncompressing file with bz2 fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException open akoenig
2111 3 months ago Fix compatibility with Guava 15 open Arfrever
2110 3 months ago Fix compatibility with jnr-posix 3.0 open Arfrever
2108 3 months ago Cannot set attribute to instances of AST/PythonTree (blocks pyflakes) open tlecomte
2107 3 months ago Support Contextual Classpath Determination open eaaltonen
2062 4 months ago bytearray not accepted for os.write open jamesls
2106 4 months ago InteractiveInterpreter.runsource doesn't accept 'exec' as symbol parameter open traff
2090 4 months ago python type 'long' doesn't work well under JSR 223 open rjolly
2105 4 months ago Inconsistent conversion of PyObject to String in StdoutWrapper open richardfearn
2100 4 months ago Deficiencies in PyUnicode beyond the BMP open jeff.allen
1552 4 months ago new PythonInterpreters don't import site open ssteiner
2011 5 months ago binascii doesn't work with bytearray and memoryview types open irmen
2101 5 months ago Diamond-style multiple inheritance fails when using __slots__ on the second branch open cdleonard
2102 5 months ago socket.recv() blocks send() open calmh
2103 5 months ago urllib2.urlopen() does not follow redirections open Lai Dung
2098 6 months ago please explain what is a change in behavior of os.system() call in jython 2.2.1 and 2.5.2 open pradeepkumarhs
2087 6 months ago Replace Guava MapMaker.makeComputingMap with CacheBuilder open ebourg
2097 6 months ago os.system behaves differently in Jython 2.5.2 than in 2.2.1 open eeiddne
2099 6 months ago No way to serialize interpreter state open stepleton
1599 6 months ago jython.bat corrupts command line arguments containing special characters open pekka.klarck
2096 6 months ago with no redirection breaks stdout/stderr mingling open cdleonard
2094 6 months ago socket.socket instance has no recv_into() method in jython2.7b1 open marcel
2093 6 months ago jython CLI hangs on mismatch of input arguments to open madhavasridhar
2058 6 months ago ClasspathPyImporter doesn't implement PEP 302's get_data open tavianator
2086 7 months ago classmethod object has no attribute __func__ open bgr
2078 7 months ago socket.getsockname() returns ipv6 name for ipv4 family when binding on ipaddr_any open irmen
2079 7 months ago socket.getsockname() returns 2-tuple instead of 4-tuple for ipv6 sockets open irmen
2084 7 months ago RuntimeException when importing subprocess on IBM J9 VM open ben_b
2085 7 months ago When method name is setX/setY runtime error occurs with Java integration open smcho
2081 7 months ago open fails on write-only files open dcoles
2080 7 months ago unicode kwargs are received as str type in the function open irmen
2076 7 months ago Bug in jython bash startup script (shows on Mac) open rovf
2073 8 months ago Conversion of str-Instances does not use Java's default charset open omatz
2074 8 months ago infinite recursion by adding the CPython site-packages path with JYTHONPATH open xoar
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