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2446 2 days ago Support SNI for SSL/TLS open zyasoft
2447 2 days ago Support server-side STARTTLS for SSL open zyasoft
2458 2 days ago Support Tornado web server open zyasoft
2429 4 days ago cStringIO does not work with bytearray objects open pekka.klarck
2399 4 days ago regrtest failures related to sort() on Java 8 open jeff.allen
2459 4 days ago Triple quotes are not parsed properly by the console open jsaiz
2456 4 days ago java.util.List.remove(index) does not dispatch to overloaded method for index remove pending jsaiz
2406 5 days ago socket.IPV6_V6ONLY is missing from Jython 2.7 open
2454 6 days ago Security Vulnerability in Jython pending cschneider4711
2412 2 weeks ago Jython does not terminate process when used with loadwatch open iMichka
2363 3 weeks ago relative seeks works incorrectly after readline open amit
2427 3 weeks ago jython --boot cannot load console support on Windows open eaaltonen
2378 3 weeks ago Current docs aren't. open tchaypo
2041 4 weeks ago solrpy: testscript runs in python, but not jython open StefanGeissler
2186 4 weeks ago Windows installation docs should mention possibility of adding Jython bin to PATH open cmbannan
2449 1 month ago requests library causes memory leak and 100% GC time when handling keep-alive open latifrons
2293 1 month ago "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot create PyString with non-byte value" triggered after adding unicode element with non-ASCII character to sys.path open Arfrever
2346 1 month ago Launcher (bin/jython.exe, bin/jython) is not resilient to bad environment variable settings open adamburke
2340 1 month ago Support isolated surrogate codepoints in unicode with UCS4 encoding open zyasoft
2258 1 month ago StackOverflowError stacktrace is eaten up by Jython open doublep
2286 1 month ago 'IllegalArgumentException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot create PyString with non-byte value' triggered by test suite of autopep8 1.1.1 open Arfrever
2299 1 month ago Support macropy open zyasoft
2341 1 month ago Invalid Unicode string literals cause console to keep outputting "..." open gsnedders
1856 1 month ago Permission denied when writing to files under /sys (sysfs) directory open halfie
2354 1 month ago does not support serialization of code open fmartins
2444 1 month ago Issue on type coercion between bytes/char/string/int (Bytes class) open lsenta
2443 1 month ago java.util.Map derived classes lack iterkeys, itervalues methods open zyasoft
2440 1 month ago Implement os.fork() in Jython open teeohhem
2424 2 months ago Converting to Jython a Python 3.5 project - coding error open dani_kase
2055 3 months ago isinstance() and issubclass() fail with abc.ABCMeta open Arfrever
2343 3 months ago PYTHONPATH is overwritten on Windows open pekka.klarck
2418 3 months ago test_chdir subprocess tests fail on Windows open jeff.allen
2415 3 months ago jython2.5.3-6 in debian unstable is broken. open lac
2403 3 months ago VerifyError when implementing Interface containing default methods (Java 8) open alexgobbo
2410 4 months ago Regression in PySystemStateTest (leading slash) open jeff.allen
2356 4 months ago java.lang.IllegalArgumentException while startup jython on Windows 8.1 with current username is not ASCII characters open liuxy_hes86
2394 4 months ago str has misplaced methods isdecimal and isumeric open jeff.allen
2395 4 months ago Parser bug with unparenthesized genexp with star-args open ztane
2379 5 months ago Wiki out-of-date wrt current version open tchaypo
2382 6 months ago BigInteger becomes long in Jython 2.7 open kaneg
2355 7 months ago Jython fails to import python modules from Lib when embedded in an eclipse plug-in open otto_fajardo
2367 7 months ago Jython ignores custom __eq__ when hashing dict subclasses open clevy
2369 7 months ago running jython-standalone.jar in desktops with with korean language account open chasook5
2361 8 months ago Performance benchmarks open zyasoft
2359 8 months ago Many Java-defined functions do not accept keyword arguments open jdemoor
2353 9 months ago jython.exe a 32-bit program on 64-bit Win8.1 even when installed with 64-bit Java - related to Issue2346 open GelattD
2348 9 months ago site module does not import if usernames contain non-ascii characters open fwierzbicki
2339 9 months ago JSR223: NullPointerException in Eclipse following wiki instructions open eaaltonen
2345 9 months ago Installing pip fails if JYTHON_HOME set and points to old installation open pekka.klarck
2344 9 months ago `jython` start-up script not anymore directly under installation directory open pekka.klarck
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