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Date 2017-01-06.18:05:42
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It seems the issue is in Py.dispatchToChecker. It looks like the checkers (__instancecheck, __subclasschecke__ ...) are not applied on the metaclass like it should be, but instead on the class itself. However I wonder how this wouldn't cause much more issues than it seems to. IMO Py.dispatchToChecker should do something like

        PyObject meta = cls.__findattr__("__metaclass__");
        if (meta == null) {
        	return null;
        PyObject checker = meta.__findattr__(checkerName);
        if (checker == null) {
            return null;
        return checker.__call__(cls, checkerArg);

rather than currently

        PyObject checker = cls.__findattr__(checkerName);
        if (checker == null) {
            return null;
        return checker.__call__(checkerArg);

If I apply that, import typing proceeds somewhat further, but runs into different issues. tbc...
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