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Aaron, you got a PR on this front:

With these changes I was able to make sympy 1.0 work with Jython. However current dev-version doesn't (yet) work, because of #2548.

If you try this with sympy 1.0, Jython will prompt you with

java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Encountered too large method code in 
Please provide a CPython 2.7 bytecode file (.pyc) to proceed, e.g. run
python -m py_compile /some_path/sympy-sympy-1.0/sympy/polys/
and try again.

Just do as it tells you, call
python -m py_compile /some_path/sympy-sympy-1.0/sympy/polys/
(assuming python refers to CPython 2.7)
After that it should work. See my note in #527524 regarding this.
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