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Hey Jeff, thanks for sorting this!

There is much more of such stuff to come with std-lib update; I get 35 additional failures then on linux. So I think it cannot go into 2.7.1 and I am going to setup a Jython fork with updated std-lib where we can sort things out and push improvements into Jython. At some sufficiently healthy state we can then do the actual std-lib update. (Will file a separate issue for that later)

I will take a look if #2563 can be fixed with some reasonable effort, given that it causes several fails.

#2561 is fixed (?) and pending for review.

Regarding date/time stuff I wanted to take a look at the several issues about that: #2504, #2524, #2285, #2503
E.g. #2524 contains a patch that can be eventually merged. I guess these issues somewhat depend on each other.
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