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Thanks for the comments, I completely forgot to test this on Windows and yes that needs to be sorted out. I tried changing the Xss setting in the python launch script but that didn't work on windows the JVM still had Xss=1024k. Looking a bit more at this I realise this is because the jython.exe is actually built from the script somehow I couldn't figure out how, maybe using PyInstaller? Does that need to be done on be Windows? I would be happy to do this if someone can give me some hints to the process. Initially I though the exe just called the script.

On the other points, I think this should be changed in the launchers (Unix + Windows). If people run Jython by clicking the exe I think should run in a state where the unit tests could pass. Additionally running the regrtest's on Windows using the jython_regrtest.bat script relies on the launcher. So it need to work there, if the unit tests on Windows are to pass (at least if this script is used).

Additionally i'm not sure what the advantage to fixing it in the regrtest, but not in the launcher would be? We would save 2mb of ram?

Finally what value of Xss would be the best to use? In the pull request I changed to 5m but after a bit more thought I think this is probably more than enough, and would now propose to change to 3m. I know this is a bit arbitrary (pick a number >3) but It would seem reasonable to keep it as small as needed for the tests to pass on every platform (that we can reasonably test).
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