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test_codecencodings_tw passes on Java 7 for me, but fails on Java 8. (Seems to be a change of policy on adjacent undecodable characters.)

About a year and a half ago Adam Burke contributed (and I tidied up) a change that fixed regrtest so it did what it claimed, only running expected passing tests for each platform (given the -e flag), and revised the lists of what was expected.

"ant regrtest" effectively runs "regrtest -e", that is, we omit expected failures. It is desirable to have a passing regrtest so you can see what a proposed change breaks (e.g. in Travis), even before committing it. However, the known failures (and the skips in tests we run) need to be to us a list that we constantly try to shorten to only those tests not meaningful for Jython. And as we shorten it, update
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