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Date 2017-05-03.20:15:37
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@Jeff I checked out your bitbucket repo and ran the regrtest on linux. I have 2 failures I don't see on the standard master:

     [exec] 2 tests skipped:
     [exec]     test_codecmaps_hk test_curses
     [exec] 3 tests failed:
     [exec]     test_os_jy test_runpy test_ssl
     [exec] 3 fails unexpected:
     [exec]     test_os_jy test_runpy test_ssl
     [exec] Result: 1

On master at the moment I only see test_ssl fail (with what seems to be a spurious failure, I think netty related) with the UTF-8 fix I see test_os_jy and test_runpy also fail.

Here is the relevant test output:

     [exec] test_os_jy
     [exec] bash: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (tr_TR.UTF-8)
     [exec] bash: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (tr_TR.UTF-8)
     [exec] test test_os_jy failed -- Traceback (most recent call last):
     [exec]   File "/home/james/Desktop/jython-utf8/dist/Lib/test/", line 208, in test_env
     [exec]     self.assertEqual("utf-8"), u"首页")
     [exec] AssertionError: u'\xe9\xa6\x96\xe9\xa1\xb5' != u'\u9996\u9875'
     [exec] - \xe9\xa6\x96\xe9\xa1\xb5
     [exec] + \u9996\u9875

     [exec] test_runpy
     [exec] test test_runpy failed -- Traceback (most recent call last):
     [exec]   File "/home/james/Desktop/jython-utf8/dist/Lib/test/", line 384, in test_zipfile_error
     [exec]     self._check_import_error(zip_name, msg)
     [exec]   File "/home/james/Desktop/jython-utf8/dist/Lib/test/", line 322, in _check_import_error
     [exec]     self.assertRaisesRegexp(ImportError, msg, run_path, script_name)
     [exec] AssertionError: "can\'t\ find\ \'\_\_main\_\_\'\ module\ in\ \'\/tmp\/tmp0sX4w2\/test\_zip\.zip\'" does not match "can't find '__main__' module in u'/tmp/tmp0sX4w2/'"

Both appear to be UTF-8 related? Not sure if you are also seeing these?
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