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I am claiming success on this ... by which I mean, it passes test.regrtest -e, on Windows localised for Chinese, with code page 936 at the console, even if your user name is 用户名, and you run from a personal directory (with all that implies for home, temp and dist directories).

As noted above, I am pushing for the time being to
because this felt a little experimental at the start. However, the way in which this has panned out, with all the change being in code the Jython Project wrote, gives me confidence. We're actually more compatible with CPython than before. (One exception: I fixed, but that's a bug in CPython too.)

I will next:
1. draw this down to my Linux machine and try it there, and
2. see if I can package it for installation (as a test).

----- DETAIL

In case anyone else wants to try this I will add that with an exotic user name, pretty much all the tools we use in development stop working. I therefore work under my own name and an ascii directory but copy the distribution to a "challenging location" each time I run, debugging by remote attachment. I have the usual lay-down when compiling:


which is joined by a runtime environment:

│  ├─d-分配
│  │  ├─bin
│  │  ├─javalib
│  │  └─Lib
│  └─t-一时

When I run a test, the cwd is h-故乡, jython.exe launches from \d-分配\bin, and the temporary directory is (the full path of) h-故乡\t-一时 (by setting TMP and TEMP). Material generated in tests typically ends up like this:
│  └─t-一时
│      ├─tmp1y99jl
│      │  └─org
│      │      └─python
│      │          └─test
│      │              └─bark

The non-ascii temporary directory is important. It added loads to the failing tests when I first did it :).

BTW, the prefixes h-, d-, t- are there so I can type the names by filename completion.
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