Author pjenvey
Date 2007-09-03.01:37:21
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JLine is great in the fact that it's pure java, and in the future I'd like to see it even included with Jython to be used as the default console.

However that's still no reason to not support readline, especially since it has more features than JLine and last time I checked, EditLine

This patch is actually the wrong solution, I've discovered after digging into it some. The underlying problem is that readline defaults the tab key to complete and that CPython rebinds it to send an actual tab key.

We don't want to disable completion completely, like this patch does. We still want the ability to do completion, but only if the user sets up his environment to do so, such as when they're using rlcompleter:

(Note the rlcompleter docs instruct you to rebind tab back to readline's complete function)

Sorry this ticket has lingered for so long Ben, I'll commit the CPython-like solution pretty soon
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