Title: How to create a RuleLink and disable after open once the link...
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msg3118 (view) Author: venkat (Vvalluru) Date: 2008-04-05.22:48:21
Please try to find out when clicked on a link fire some bit of code of 
jython and disable the link once the link opened,....can anybody 

Code is  RuleLink("Some label",'RuleName') and when click on some 
label link it goes to execute the rule which assigned(bit of code of 
jython) and we need disable once the link opened..But we have the Rule 
as accordingly our need but thing need to disable it once it is pened

there is some method for some components setDisabled(tru) etc can u 
try out this.........
msg3591 (view) Author: Jim Baker (zyasoft) Date: 2008-09-14.06:34:02
Does not a describe a problem in Jython, but a problem using Jython.
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