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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
2830 3 days ago Unable to run Jython on Windows Server 2008 R2 pending marcuswongkl  
2044 1 week ago Jython creates executables class files with wrong permissions open kseifried  
2828 1 week ago Upgrade netty from 4.1.24 open jeff.allen  
2826 1 week ago Unicode hex string decode fails with Jython 2.7.2.b3 open wfouche2  
2820 1 week ago Importing non-existing module fails with UnicodeDecodeError if sys.path contains non-ASCII characters open pekka.klarck  
2822 1 week ago Add support for Java 11 pending respenica  
2824 1 week ago `os.path.abspath()` doesn't add drive letter to absolute paths on Windows (regression) open pekka.klarck  
2736 2 weeks ago ensurepip fails with: pip 9.0.1 requires SSL/TLS open stuaxo  
2818 2 weeks ago Support for Redis Module in PythonInterpreter open rkanumola  
2816 2 weeks ago Python Interpreter which uses Python and Redis script gives an error open rkanumola  
2802 3 weeks ago PEP 0263 magic coding comment rejected in UTF-8 open rhwood  
2810 1 month ago NoSuchMethodError in test_jython_initializer Java 10+ open adamburke  
2812 1 month ago Failure in test_sort.TestBase.testStressfully on Java 11 open jeff.allen  
2738 1 month ago Looking again at benchmarks open sergei175  
2808 1 month ago lib2to3 test failures on Windows JDK 11 open adamburke  
2800 2 months ago Jython script engine hangs on "genericpath.isfile" during its initialization open fviale  
2798 2 months ago OpenJDK 1.7.0_75-b13 string regrtest OutOfMemory on windows open adamburke  
2794 3 months ago missing from modjy tests open jeff.allen  
2642 3 months ago ImportError when importing in multiple PyScriptEngine concurrently open tcdelaney  
2278 3 months ago Jython runtime instrumentation open zyasoft  
2792 3 months ago Failures in test_import_jy from Java 13 open jeff.allen  
2790 3 months ago Equivalent signal handlers do not test equal using == open jeff.allen  
2788 4 months ago utf_8_decode doesn't support memoryview open behackett  
2786 4 months ago Subtracting a Long from None produces TypeError: xxx open chcooper  
2780 4 months ago Update ctypes/jffi to Python 2.7 and test open jeff.allen  
2776 5 months ago PySystemState is not serializable open filip.drozdowski  
2007 6 months ago from __future__ import print_function doesn't work (at interactive prompt) open irmen  
2770 6 months ago PBKDF-OpenSSL SecretKeyFactory not available on Java 7 open jeff.allen  
2023 6 months ago subprocess cannot run Windows batch file from current dir which was not starting dir open mniklas  
2320 6 months ago fileno() is -1 on Windows open jeff.allen jeff.allen
2760 7 months ago How to call procedure with use zxjdbc and get back OUT parameter? open youlfey  
2746 7 months ago Divergence from Python in Java mapping types open jeff.allen jeff.allen
2754 7 months ago Failure in Py.initProxy for class not at module level open jeff.allen  
2752 7 months ago Allow Python functions to be used as a java.lang.FunctionalInterface open jamesmudd  
2750 7 months ago Make PyFunction implement java.util.concurrent.Callable<PyObject> open jamesmudd jamesmudd
2748 7 months ago Unable to start Jython with ssl due to exception 'ChildSocket' object has no attribute '_wrapper_socket' open arao  
2699 8 months ago Implement PyFile_IncUseCount/PyFile_DecUseCount (?) open stefan.richthofer stefan.richthofer
2740 9 months ago ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in PyStringMap open vigneshkumarsadasivam  
2734 10 months ago Re-work package scanning and cache for modules open jeff.allen  
2458 10 months ago Support Tornado web server open zyasoft  
2723 11 months ago Unusual behavior in SimpleCookie when '=' and '@' is used in nested object open rsmith31415  
2721 11 months ago cannot invoke Python from Java open navneethnarendra  
2722 11 months ago run-time issue while trying to reach external endpoint (Weather API) via Java/Jython open vaishnavihravi  
2720 11 months ago wrap_scoket_exception: 'module' object has no attribute 'OP_NO_TLSv1_1' open arao  
2717 11 months ago Arguments mis-handled passing **kwargs from Java to Python open mohamad.mahajna  
2713 12 months ago Rounding a float field causes test_cpickle to fail open jeff.allen  
2712 12 months ago jython interpreter can't parse source from standard input open mete0r  
2710 12 months ago Key protection algorithm not found open jeff.allen  
2618 13 months ago socket.sendall no longer sends all open behackett  
2305 13 months ago sys.ps1 and sys.ps2 mentioned in dir(sys) in non-interactive mode open Arfrever  
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