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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
2635 yesterday AST.lineno ignored by compile open elkniwt  
2732 3 days ago Regression in large module support for pip pending jeff.allen jeff.allen
2742 3 days ago JARs for bouncycastle out of date open jeff.allen  
2445 3 days ago Eclipse's DelegatingFeatureMap has MRO conflict pending tomluk jeff.allen
2730 6 days ago datetime.strptime('%b') behaviour inconsistent with CPython on Windows JDK 9+ open adamburke  
2699 1 week ago Implement PyFile_IncUseCount/PyFile_DecUseCount (?) open stefan.richthofer stefan.richthofer
2740 1 month ago ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in PyStringMap open vigneshkumarsadasivam  
2738 1 month ago Looking again at benchmarks open sergei175  
2736 2 months ago ensurepip fails with: pip 9.0.1 requires SSL/TLS open stuaxo  
2734 2 months ago Re-work package scanning and cache for modules open jeff.allen  
2728 2 months ago jython-standalone 2.7.1 fails vulnerability check because of guava 22 open najibk  
2658 2 months ago Update website open jeff.allen jamesmudd
2458 2 months ago Support Tornado web server open zyasoft  
2723 3 months ago Unusual behavior in SimpleCookie when '=' and '@' is used in nested object open rsmith31415  
2721 3 months ago cannot invoke Python from Java open navneethnarendra  
2722 3 months ago run-time issue while trying to reach external endpoint (Weather API) via Java/Jython open vaishnavihravi  
2720 3 months ago wrap_scoket_exception: 'module' object has no attribute 'OP_NO_TLSv1_1' open arao  
2719 3 months ago Divergence of __str__ and __repr__ from CPython open jeff.allen jeff.allen
2717 3 months ago Arguments mis-handled passing **kwargs from Java to Python open mohamad.mahajna  
2713 4 months ago Rounding a float field causes test_cpickle to fail open jeff.allen  
2712 4 months ago jython interpreter can't parse source from standard input open mete0r  
2710 4 months ago Key protection algorithm not found open jeff.allen  
2711 4 months ago Dictionaries fail test of atomicity open jeff.allen  
2618 5 months ago socket.sendall no longer sends all open behackett  
2023 5 months ago subprocess cannot run Windows batch file from current dir which was not starting dir open mniklas  
2708 5 months ago test_urllib2net fails (on Travis CI) open stefan.richthofer  
2305 5 months ago sys.ps1 and sys.ps2 mentioned in dir(sys) in non-interactive mode open Arfrever  
2704 6 months ago wlst jython argparse open Tig  
2703 6 months ago JycompileAntTask cannot find open jeff.allen  
2701 7 months ago JVM seg Faulting when running standalone jython under a child first class loader open Hardy  
2182 7 months ago Build Jython with Gradle open hjacobs jeff.allen
2691 7 months ago __format__ method not implemented for boolean types - uses int open _peter_holloway  
2698 8 months ago urllib2.URLError: <urlopen error unknown url type: https> open wheelerlaw  
2692 8 months ago Not allowed to post to the users mailing list open antomcg174 fwierzbicki
1090 8 months ago Python modules defined with an that are precompiled in a jar do not import. open colinhevans  
2697 8 months ago name$py.class is ignored when in a JAR with open jeff.allen  
2694 8 months ago Jython to python version mapping open joanselm  
2660 8 months ago Failure in urllib3 using versions of pip after pip 9.0.1 open jeff.allen  
2696 8 months ago open(None) results in java.lang.ClassCastException open jaraco  
1743 8 months ago regression in PyReflectedFunction: static Java methods are no longer callable open doublep  
2693 8 months ago SAXParser, classloader and dynamically loading jython open webpentest  
2695 8 months ago Add support for automatic coercion for python datetime into Java LocalDateTime open jamesmudd  
2676 9 months ago ImportError: cannot import name _bcrypt open Bejgum stefan.richthofer
2684 10 months ago WindowsError:[Error 123] The filename,directory name,or volume label syntax is incorrect. open jythontest2018  
2679 10 months ago Illegal reflective access by org.python.modules.gc open jeff.allen  
2680 10 months ago Ignore Java accessibility rules selectively by package (Java 9) open jeff.allen  
2355 10 months ago Jython fails to import python modules from Lib when embedded in an eclipse plug-in open otto_fajardo  
2363 11 months ago relative seeks works incorrectly after readline open amit  
2670 11 months ago Non-public Java classes implementing collection types open jeff.allen  
1782 11 months ago os.stat_float_times is not implemented open smeatonj  
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