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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
2768 2 days ago bytearray + and += should accept buffer protocol objects pending jeff.allen jamesmudd
2007 5 days ago from __future__ import print_function doesn't work (at interactive prompt) open irmen  
2766 7 days ago Oracle JDK 7 out of support so no longer available on Travis pending adamburke  
2742 1 week ago JARs for bouncycastle out of date pending jeff.allen jeff.allen
2762 1 week ago jython-standalone 2.7.1 fails vuln check because of commons-compress 1.14 pending dwichers jamesmudd
2728 1 week ago jython-standalone 2.7.1 fails vulnerability check because of guava 22 pending najibk jeff.allen
2770 1 week ago PBKDF-OpenSSL SecretKeyFactory not available on Java 7 open jeff.allen  
2658 1 week ago Update website open jeff.allen jamesmudd
2023 2 weeks ago subprocess cannot run Windows batch file from current dir which was not starting dir open mniklas  
2708 2 weeks ago test_urllib2net fails (on Travis CI) open stefan.richthofer  
2320 2 weeks ago fileno() is -1 on Windows open jeff.allen jeff.allen
2294 2 weeks ago Importation of modules from directories with non-ASCII characters fails pending Arfrever  
2764 2 weeks ago Readme is not displayed when using the GUI installer open jamesmudd  
2445 3 weeks ago Eclipse's DelegatingFeatureMap has MRO conflict (and IBM's MQQueue) pending tomluk jeff.allen
2730 3 weeks ago datetime.strptime('%b') behaviour inconsistent with CPython on Windows JDK 9+ open adamburke  
2760 1 month ago How to call procedure with use zxjdbc and get back OUT parameter? open youlfey  
2703 1 month ago JycompileAntTask cannot find open jeff.allen  
2635 1 month ago AST.lineno ignored by compile pending elkniwt  
2746 1 month ago Divergence from Python in Java mapping types open jeff.allen jeff.allen
2754 1 month ago Failure in Py.initProxy for class not at module level open jeff.allen  
2649 1 month ago __repr__ of Java Map having unicode keys crashes with PyString error pending psykiatris jeff.allen
2752 1 month ago Allow Python functions to be used as a java.lang.FunctionalInterface open jamesmudd  
2750 1 month ago Make PyFunction implement java.util.concurrent.Callable<PyObject> open jamesmudd jamesmudd
2748 1 month ago Unable to start Jython with ssl due to exception 'ChildSocket' object has no attribute '_wrapper_socket' open arao  
2744 1 month ago Support buffer type in marshal.dump(s) pending jeff.allen jeff.allen
2077 1 month ago marshal doesn't raise error when fed unmarshalable object pending irmen  
2732 2 months ago Regression in large module support for pip pending jeff.allen jeff.allen
2699 2 months ago Implement PyFile_IncUseCount/PyFile_DecUseCount (?) open stefan.richthofer stefan.richthofer
2740 3 months ago ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in PyStringMap open vigneshkumarsadasivam  
2738 3 months ago Looking again at benchmarks open sergei175  
2736 4 months ago ensurepip fails with: pip 9.0.1 requires SSL/TLS open stuaxo  
2734 4 months ago Re-work package scanning and cache for modules open jeff.allen  
2458 4 months ago Support Tornado web server open zyasoft  
2723 5 months ago Unusual behavior in SimpleCookie when '=' and '@' is used in nested object open rsmith31415  
2721 5 months ago cannot invoke Python from Java open navneethnarendra  
2722 5 months ago run-time issue while trying to reach external endpoint (Weather API) via Java/Jython open vaishnavihravi  
2720 5 months ago wrap_scoket_exception: 'module' object has no attribute 'OP_NO_TLSv1_1' open arao  
2719 5 months ago Divergence of __str__ and __repr__ from CPython open jeff.allen jeff.allen
2717 5 months ago Arguments mis-handled passing **kwargs from Java to Python open mohamad.mahajna  
2713 6 months ago Rounding a float field causes test_cpickle to fail open jeff.allen  
2712 6 months ago jython interpreter can't parse source from standard input open mete0r  
2710 6 months ago Key protection algorithm not found open jeff.allen  
2618 7 months ago socket.sendall no longer sends all open behackett  
2305 7 months ago sys.ps1 and sys.ps2 mentioned in dir(sys) in non-interactive mode open Arfrever  
2704 8 months ago wlst jython argparse open Tig  
2701 9 months ago JVM seg Faulting when running standalone jython under a child first class loader open Hardy  
2182 9 months ago Build Jython with Gradle open hjacobs jeff.allen
2691 9 months ago __format__ method not implemented for boolean types - uses int open _peter_holloway  
2698 10 months ago urllib2.URLError: <urlopen error unknown url type: https> open wheelerlaw  
2692 10 months ago Not allowed to post to the users mailing list open antomcg174 fwierzbicki
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