Title: strftime uses 2-letter %a and system locale
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msg3333 (view) Author: (ReneLeonhardt) Date: 2008-07-16.06:31:38
It seems that Jython respects the system locale for time.strftime(),
while Python uses the English locale values for %a and %b (in my case).
And it looks wrong that Jython uses the 2-letter %a while Python uses
the 3-letter format.

On Wednesday it prints "Wed" in Python and "Mi" for Jython (german
system locale).
msg3483 (view) Author: (ReneLeonhardt) Date: 2008-09-07.17:40:45
The problem still exists in 2.5a2.
msg3566 (view) Author: Leonardo Soto (leosoto) Date: 2008-09-14.00:59:08
Interestingly, says that
strftime should use the locale names.
msg3568 (view) Author: Nicholas Riley (nriley) Date: 2008-09-14.01:13:01
At least on Windows, CPython does return localized month/day names, so 
this is not a bug.  See, for example:
msg3599 (view) Author: Leonardo Soto (leosoto) Date: 2008-09-15.03:39:46
OK, so I'm closing this as invalid. If new arguments are made, we can
always open it again.
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