Title: os.kill is not implemented
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Created on 2008-09-06.16:39:16 by glyph, last changed 2008-12-29.19:50:17 by zyasoft.

msg3475 (view) Author: Glyph Lefkowitz (glyph) Date: 2008-09-06.16:39:16
Twisted needs this in order to not consider jython a "windows" environment.

Granted, Twisted should probably be fixed - but we'd need some other way
to discover the presence of other processes.  It would be nice if at
least kill(0) worked.
msg3480 (view) Author: Nicholas Riley (nriley) Date: 2008-09-07.00:32:20
jna-posix does implement kill, so it shouldn't be too hard on unix-like 
platforms, but that doesn't help Windows.  Do you want us to special-case 
pid 0 there, and if so, what signals should we respond to?
msg3481 (view) Author: Glyph Lefkowitz (glyph) Date: 2008-09-07.02:00:41
I didn't mean pid 0, sorry, I should have been more specific: the most
basic functionality that Twisted requires 'kill' for is implementing
lockfiles.  It writes a pid to a file, then uses signal 0 to detect
whether the other process still exists.
msg3988 (view) Author: Jim Baker (zyasoft) Date: 2008-12-29.19:50:17
Fixed for posix platforms in r5805. os.kill is not supported on CPython
for Windows anyway, so that address Nicholas' concern.
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