Title: No readline module use by raw_input builtin function
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msg5429 (view) Author: Romel R. Sandoval-Palomo (romel) Date: 2010-01-12.22:58:44
When using raw_record build in function, this does not use readline module even if it is available.

After installing GNU readline and Java-Readline using the method described in The following code has an incorrect behavior:

import readline

    command = raw_input("> ")
    if command == "":
    if command == "q":
        print "bye"
    print "comand: %s" %(command)

Using CPython when you press up key you get the items in readline history. But on Jython you get ^[[A.
msg5963 (view) Author: Jim Baker (zyasoft) Date: 2010-08-15.14:47:30
Please use our builtin JLine support. The cited wiki page is out of date. We really do not want to spend time on the GNU version of readline, since its license prevents us from bundling with Jython.

Readline emulation (with JLine) is being tracked at #1133
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