Title: Jython.bat doesn't work in 4nt
Type: behaviour Severity: normal
Components: Any Versions: 2.5.1
Status: closed Resolution: fixed
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Created on 2010-02-16.03:34:26 by stuaxo, last changed 2010-04-18.10:00:25 by otmarhumbel.

msg5535 (view) Author: stu (stuaxo) Date: 2010-02-16.03:34:25
Jython.bat doesn't work in 4nt, I fixed it by getting it to run in cmd.exe all the time by prepending the following to jython.bat:

@echo off
if not "%@eval[2+2]" == "4" goto normalstart
:: If running in 4NT, force to run in cmd.exe
cmd /C %0 %*
goto finish

msg5536 (view) Author: stu (stuaxo) Date: 2010-02-16.03:36:01
OOPS - Sorry if this is a duplicate, I went into 'Your Issues' and saw it wasn't there from before.

However I've gone in there again just now and I still have none, doh.
msg5734 (view) Author: Oti Humbel (otmarhumbel) Date: 2010-04-18.10:00:24
applied the suggested patch to jython.bat in revision 7036.
Many thanks stuaxo!
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