Title: PyFunction to single method interface wrapping does not handle java.lang.Object methods
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msg5540 (view) Author: Geoffrey French (MrMeanie) Date: 2010-02-17.20:47:08
A Python function can be passed as a parameter to a Java method, where the corresponding argument is a single method interface. This is accomplished by having PyFunction.__tojava__ perform the conversion/wrapping.
While the resulting wrapped PyFunction works properly when the interface method is invoked, it malfunctions if the Java code attempts to access a method those defined in java.lang.Object, hashCode() or toString() for example.
I believe others have run into this difficulty.

I believe others have discovered that this can block the use of method specifically coded to accept PyFunctions or PyObjects - for example, given the two java methods:

void myMethod(PyFunction x);
void myMethod(SingleMethodInterface x);

The PyFunction.__tojava__() modification would result in the second method being chosen over the first, despite the fact that the first may be desirable.

Many Thanks.


Geoffrey French
msg5541 (view) Author: Nicholas Riley (nriley) Date: 2010-02-18.02:13:36
Attaching patch as permissions are currently broken.
msg5910 (view) Author: Jim Baker (zyasoft) Date: 2010-07-20.05:20:30
Tobias fixed this earlier, in r6982. As of r7081, added a simple test to verify that object methods like toString can be passed functions.
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