Title: jython modules can't access __main__.__dict__ if they are run more than once
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Created on 2010-03-28.03:13:17 by vgod, last changed 2010-04-04.19:38:51 by vgod.

msg5598 (view) Author: Tsung-Hsiang Chang (vgod) Date: 2010-03-28.03:13:15
I am trying to dynamically create functions in __main__ from a Jython module. The idea is illustrated as following.

---- ----
class Foo:
  def func(self):

def setup():
  foo = Foo()
  __main__.__dict__["func"] = foo.func # redirects a global function "func" to an instance method foo.func

---- end of ---

---- -----
from module import *

func() # this should invokes aObject.func

---- end of ----

I ran the above code simply using the following java code.

PythonInterpreter py = new PythonInterpreter();

When I was running this code first time, everything worked fine. The weird thing was, if I ran the same thing again, I got a "NameError: name 'func' is not defined". 
I did some experiments and found I couldn't write anything into __main__ from a module after the first run. I tried to find a workaround, e.g. reload(module), but still failed.
msg5625 (view) Author: Philip Jenvey (pjenvey) Date: 2010-04-04.18:12:06
I assume does an "import __main__" which was omitted from your paste.

If so then the 'module' module has imported __main__ as a top level object the first time. From then on it persists there in memory as a global. The second time you run the program it must reuse the same module object already loaded into memory.

reload() should work, depending on it's used, i.e.

import module

Please reopen this bug if this doesn't work and you suspect it's jython's fault
msg5634 (view) Author: Tsung-Hsiang Chang (vgod) Date: 2010-04-04.19:38:50
Yes, I omitted an "import __main__", and I also tried reload(module). Unfortunately, it didn't work.
Btw, I found a weird thing afterward. If I reuse the same PythonInterpreter and do not create a new instance, the script works fine. But if I create a new PythonInterpreter instance every time before running the script, it fails after the first run.
I strongly suspect it's Jython's bug.
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