Title: incomplete "core" installation
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msg5763 (view) Author: Guido Serra (zeph) Date: 2010-05-07.15:00:09
when installing on production boxes, I assumed I had to proceed with the "CORE" installation, and not with the "full+sources"... so I did

well... try to execute the jython executable, and from there type:
import threading

you'll get an error related to "import weakref"... missing

if you reinstall with the full one... it works
msg5787 (view) Author: Anthony Kong (akong) Date: 2010-05-31.11:56:03
Installer works as expected.

You probably have picked the wrong installation option. If you use 'Minimum (Core)' it does not include any library modules (as clearly indicated in the panel on the RHS of the installer's GUI). You could use the 'Standard core, library modules...)' option if you do not want the source code.
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