Title: Jython+django-jython - no module named site
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msg5883 (view) Author: Rafael Nunes (rafanunes) Date: 2010-07-08.18:47:53
I have followed the install instructions for the latest versions of
the following: jython (version: jython-2.5.2b1), django (1.2.1) and
jython-django (version 1.1.1) and have built a war of my very simple
test application.

Oh i built the war on my linux box and have tested in tomcat on both
windows and linux machines. When i went to the url i got a 500

javax.servlet.ServletException: Exception creating modjy servlet:
ImportError: No module named site



msg5899 (view) Author: Anselm Kruis (akruis) Date: 2010-07-15.13:51:06
First, the version is 2.5.2b1 not 2.5b1.

Secondly, I can confirm the bug. Not only with 2.5.2b1 but also with a development build of SVN Rev 7056. Jython 2.5.1 works fine.
msg5916 (view) Author: Anselm Kruis (akruis) Date: 2010-07-21.12:11:54
The bug is clearly introduced by the change from SVN rev 6858 to rev 6859. This commit changes com/xhaus/modjy/ only. The SVN log message reads:

r6859 | amak | 2009-10-15 19:40:22 +0200 (Do, 15. Okt 2009) | 1 Zeile

Checking in support for loading site-packages, through the use of imp.load("site"). Controlled with a "load_site_packages" option, which defaults to true.

Therefore tit should be possible to work around this bug by setting the servlet or webapp parameter "load_site_packages" to "0". 

But what is the real cause of this problem. The relevant part of the code change is the addition of

import org.python.core.imp;

The static method imp.load fails to load the "site" module. Currently I do not know, why it fails to load, because the file is present.
msg5917 (view) Author: Anselm Kruis (akruis) Date: 2010-07-22.08:06:18
The exception is indeed caused, by imp.load not finding The problem is, that sys.path is not yet properly initialized, when imp.load("") is invoked. This happens, if jython is embedded within the WAR archive. In this case, the method ModjyJServlet#processPythonLib sets up sys.path to the location of the jython files within the extracted WAR archive. Currently this method is called immediately after importing "". The fix simply calls processPythonLib before checkSitePackages.

I'm not sure, if we need an unit test for this bug and how to set up such a test.
msg5918 (view) Author: Alan Kennedy (amak) Date: 2010-07-22.09:20:17
I will examine this very soon.
msg5926 (view) Author: Jose Flores (joseflores) Date: 2010-07-26.22:20:56
A workaround while the new beta is released is to manually update de web.xml defining the python.home variable, and creating a pth file pointing the project being deployed.

I think a fix is needed for the in order to doing those settings.
msg5927 (view) Author: Jose Flores (joseflores) Date: 2010-07-26.22:23:58
It would be something like this 	

and the pth file under lib-python.
msg5934 (view) Author: Alan Kennedy (amak) Date: 2010-08-01.12:53:00
Fixed in r7083.

This was an obvious bug: can not be loaded without first setting up the path correctly.

As for unittests, ideally this should have failed existing tests. I am still researching why it didnt.
msg7897 (view) Author: Alan Kennedy (amak) Date: 2013-03-04.08:58:44
Updating version
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