Title: jython.bat vs jython - difference in argument handling
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msg6410 (view) Author: Robert Spielmann (rspielmann) Date: 2011-02-26.22:30:13
Hi there,

I discussed with Pekka recently, and it turns out the problem is with the Jython launcher scripts.

On Windows, arguments passed to jython.bat are parsed and split into several categories like JVM options etc. Afterwards, only those arguments that were not put into a certain context are passed to the desired Python script.

On Linux, the Jython launcher script also performs this kind of argument parsing, but when launching the JVM, it passes ALL arguments to the Python script as "$@".

This leads to cases where the Python script being executed complains about an unknown option or argument, like in the case of the Robot Framework, where "-J" options are not recognized by the framework, thus leading to an error message if the framework is started with Jython on linux. On Windows, however, it's possible to use -J options and they never reach the Python script.

It would be nice to have this inconsistency fixed, in order to have identical behaviour in both environments.
msg10629 (view) Author: Jim Baker (zyasoft) Date: 2016-01-11.04:46:44
jython.bat is dead as of 2.7.0, replaced by the wrapper executable jython.exe, so closing out
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