Title: add webbrowser module
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Created on 2007-07-27.15:12:12 by arjaan, last changed 2015-01-22.20:43:42 by zyasoft.

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msg3034 (view) Author: arjaan (arjaan) Date: 2007-07-27.15:12:12
Is it possible to add the webbrowser module, so this script can run with jython?

import webbrowser
url = ''
msg3079 (view) Author: Philip Jenvey (pjenvey) Date: 2008-03-10.01:46:36
I'd really like to add the webbrowser module (Paste imports it) but 
unfortunately it's kind of useless without the platform specific ic 

Without ic it will try spawning console browsers on POSIX systems via 
os.system. The problem with that is our os.system can't share the jython 
process's stdin with the child webbrowser process (a limitation of 
Java), so you can't actually use the browser.

Java 1.6 provides similar functionality via java.awt.Desktop.browse. We 
could utilize that (it will refuse to work on a headless environment 
msg5229 (view) Author: Juneau001 (juneau001) Date: 2009-10-13.18:56:03
Implemented open() using java.awt.Desktop as suggested by pjenvey.  This 
patch also includes a special InternetConfig() class in place of using 
ic.  The InternetConfig() class uses the same open() implementation 
making use of the java.awt.Desktop browse method.  This patch has been 
tested on Mac OS X 10.5.8 and Windows XP.  This implementation of the 
webbrowser module has also been tested with the yolk utility.
msg6866 (view) Author: Alan Kennedy (amak) Date: 2012-03-19.20:41:24
Josh, maybe its time to apply your patch?

At least if we can get people using it, we can address any issues that might arise?
msg6906 (view) Author: Juneau001 (juneau001) Date: 2012-03-20.01:21:53
I will re-test the patch under 2.5.3 and OS X 10.7 to ensure that everything still works as expected.  If it is okay then I can commit it.
msg7418 (view) Author: Alan Kennedy (amak) Date: 2012-08-20.23:53:49
Any developments?
msg7419 (view) Author: Juneau001 (juneau001) Date: 2012-08-21.03:08:10
I will test again under 2.7 alpha
msg8373 (view) Author: Juneau001 (juneau001) Date: 2014-05-10.14:36:07
This version of has been successfully tested using Jython 2.7b2 on OS X 10.9.2 on Java build 1.8.0-b132.
msg9383 (view) Author: Jim Baker (zyasoft) Date: 2015-01-14.02:57:57
Fixed as of
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